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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure -
Ready for Lulu Publication

My editor has finished preparing Liberalism, the surprise best-seller at Northwestern Publishing House.

Sales dwindled at NPH, so they gave me the copyright when I requested it. When it first appeared at the ELS convention, all the books sold out at once. NPH did not expect its doctrinal books to sell well! The first few titles sold very well, from what I was told. I think Liberalism was the second one on the list.

Once listed on, people will be able to download the entire book for free as a PDF. They can also order one or more copies sent directly to their homes. If you order it sent to a church, ask for a plain brown wrapper.

Some people evidently tried to keep Liberalism from being published at all. They did prevent Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant from appearing, even though the book was on the official schedule for publishing. NPH made up for that by heavily promoting CLP, which sold like hotcakes. I printed CLP with the help of Christian News.

Does anyone wonder if the Shrinkers had a hand in meddling at NPH?

Wally O. and Fred Adrian had fits when my paper (the last chapter of Liberalism) was read at a WELS conference. Roger Kovaciny also had a fit. Later, Kovo claimed in CN that he helped start Church Growth in WELS.

The Church and Money Changers have been been the only thing growing in WELS since 1977. No one opposed them at the beginning, when Ron Roth and Paul Calvin Kelm and Hartmann began their evil TELL rag. More than a decade later, a few of us started the Orthodox Lutheran Forum. Pastors quit because it was too risky. Later, Issues in WELS began to combat the insanity of the Gurgle administration. They folded as soon as DP Free died.

The reason Shrinkers have tried to silence me and a few others is simple enough - they covet the money available from synod subsidies (free vicars!) and Thrivent grants (make something up!) and foundations (save the world!). Once people catch on to the millions of dollars wasted in fraud, high-living, and wild-hair projects, they will quit giving altogether.

There is a possible shock in store for synod drones. They never realized people would buy doctrinal books. Perhaps if so-called missions people tried Lutheran doctrine instead of Fuller fads, they would find more interest.

For years, WELS and Missouri have gazed at ELCA, like Gatsby staring at the mansion across the water, hoping and longing to participate in the glory of bigness. Now they have a chance to see where that ends, in an eight-door exit as people, pastors, and congregations scramble from ELCA. It's like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

In this satire, people get to travel to see the end of time -
the end of the universe.