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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Defense of UOJ Eviscerated

Following are arguments in defense of UOJ, from a pastor. I have often read and heard flip remarks like this, so consider them generic in the Syn Conference. I despair of the clergy ever coming to grips with their favorite false doctrine.

1. "Both sides are talking past each other."

Answer - That is a classic unionistic statement, where the speaker tries to merge two entirely different concepts. The UOJ Stormtroopers are always on the attack. The difference today is that many laity are armed with a complete list of absurd UOJ statements and the Confessional, Biblical passages that refute them.

2. "Bashing dead WELS guys, especially greatly beloved ones like Meyer and Becker, will not get you any sympathy or even so much as a hearing among 95% of WELS people. So, if you want to actually make any points or any progress, stick to the living."

Answer - Lutherans once emphasized Galatians 1:8. KJV Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Now dead WELS professors are elevated higher than the Apostle Paul, above the Word of God and Confessions. Moreover, no one will listen if someone suggests these saints were ever wrong about anything.

Luther prayed to Mary in his commentary on the Magnificat. Does that mean we should pray to Mary as well, since he is beloved as the greatest theologians of the Christian Church? If a Lutheran argues against Marian devotion, should I be offended because Luther once engaged in it himself? At least the Roman Catholics content themselves with the infallibility of the pope. Lutherans now embrace the infallibility of all dead professors. Forget Biblical exegesis and studying the Confessions.

By all means, do not say anything that will offend anyone at any time. That is a recipe for the current state of the Syn Conference. The ELS is divided among Emergent Church, Emulsifiers, and Lutherans. Ditto WELS and Missouri.

False doctrine is not advanced so much by the false teachers themselves, as hard as they try, the poor little devils, but by the emulsifying pastors who argue that oil and water do mix quite well together and should never be separated.

3. "If you have a gripe with anyone in WELS, have it out with them directly, until its either settled or you agree that you'll never agree - at which time you might as well leave it alone, because picking at it won't do any good."

Answer - I am so glad Luther did not follow this sage advice, which contradicts the Book of Concord, Large Catechism, Eighth Commandment. Published false doctrine can be refuted in public without violating the Eighth Commandment. Matthew 18 applies to private sins.

Therefore, if a WELS pastor has published false doctrine, he can be refuted in public. Also, if he is convicted as a sex criminal or murderer, his case can be discussed as a warning against others. There is not statute of limitations on false doctrine. If that were so, the Protestants would have let the Antichrist off the hook for his false doctrine. I forgot - they have. WELS and the ELS have invited papists to teach them the Word. At least that battle is over. Now the Syn Conference can move against the real enemy - those who teach justification by faith alone.

This blog has shown that many arguments need to made repeatedly. The reason is that people discover it, get offended, come back, read some more. The first page is most commonly read. Many posts are good for readership, but they overshadow each other. The only solution is to publish a gem, the way Fake-O-Bod does, once a month. Of course, he has more outstanding warrants than readers.

Doctrine is our only light. If false doctrine cannot be addressed, the Word of God is obsolete and useless. The invisible Church has never been an organization devoted to public relations efforts. I take as my example John Bunyan, who was released from prison, as long as he promised not to preach again. He said, "You might as well put me back in, because I will preach immediately."

The statements I highlighted in blue are reasons why WELS, Missouri, and the ELS will never face their doctrinal problems. They choose leaders who are safe, passive, and non-threatening.