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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Martin Luther College

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "NY Post Covers Sent by Anonymous":

Grumpy, You say MLC closing is a far off pipe dream, but as I recall, no one was seriously talking about closing Northwestern College in Watertown until early 1992. The mid-1993 synodical convention approved the merger of the two colleges and the two prep schools by 1995. The main reason given was "finances". Wikipedia said the idea was discussed for "several" years, but I think it was only WIDELY discussed for a year and a half.

In 2007 before the financial crisis, Rev. Mark Schroeder said that the synod was chopping programs and yet the financial situation of the synod was getting worse. So imagine what he's saying now! Even after his "get rid of the debt" campaign, WELS still has $15+ million in debt, or thereabouts, and that's with the constitution and bylaws saying the WELS is supposed to be a pay-as-you-go operation!

To me it only makes sense to go the route other denominations have, that being, running as many tracks as one can at one school to eliminate redundancies and introduce economies of scale. The 1995 merger put two tracks at one school, but they could do better than that:

The new school, named Martin Luther College, opened its doors for the 1995-1996 school year.

The synod voted earlier this year to consolidate Northwestern College of Watertown and Dr. Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN, into one college at the New Ulm campus and to consolidate Northwestern Prep School of Watertown and Dr. Martin Luther Prep School of Prairie du Chien into one high school at the Watertown campus.

Mark Schroeder. May 17, 2007: "But the financial problems have only persisted and grown worse."


Nick has left a new comment on your post "WELS Is Not Going To Admit the Obvious":

As for the MLC video, let's not make the college equal to its students. Are we human? are we sinful? Certinaly.

 Will there be students at MLC not fully invested towards the ministry, using their own 'cleverness' to commit blatant sins? Certainly.

For the talent night, sadly there was a time when screening the videos wasn't needed. Since the gay video came out, screening is a must.

Let's try to keep all the facts in check, please.
Were those students wrong? Yes.

By their actions of posting the video later via Facebook, they have shown that they were clearly impenitent.


GJ - Nick, the prosecution will stipulate that the students are indeed idiots, and they are impenitent liars. They are also plagiarists who have broken the law by using protected music without permission. Disney approved the homosexual Fire Island Pines group using the music, after the fact, because it was a good promotion for a girl with limited talents. I have not seen any evidence that Disney also approved Martin Luther College stealing the music.

The ongoing broadcast of the stolen music via YouTube and Facebook constitutes a violation of the law.

The problem lies with the college and synod leadership. Pueri pueri erint does not cancel the legal responsibilities of a synod-owned school, not to mention its stated relationship with the Scriptures and Martin Luther himself.

Far worse was the statue fight, also proudly uploaded to YouTube by Martin Luther College students. They were quite grumpy with me about taking it down. In both cases, the original complaint came from WELS laity. They knew the best way to protest without having their teeth knocked in was to publish via Ichabod. That speaks volumes about Matthew 18 in WELS.

I have not seen the statue video since it was taken down, but the homosexual video has appeared all over. It continues to be played, featured, and described on homosexual websites. WELS alumni must be proud that they are mentioned so often around the world.

I see from your other post, Nick, that you are a UOJ fan. No wonder you dismiss objections so easily. Everyone is already declared forgiven, even without faith - and it seems, especially without faith.