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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deception is the Name of the Game

Groeschel, Stanley, and Ski are grouped together in this fun-filled Photoshop.
Ski adores the sermons of Groeschel (Methodist Pietist) and the leadership of Stanley (Babtist but dishonest about it).

There is a God has left a new comment on your post "Stealth Calendar at The CORE.Does This Need Commen...":

"The Change or Die! brochure brags that Ski has 300 people each Sunday evening. How many are WELS members from the area? If services were held Sunday morning, how many would attend?"

Yes, GJ, inquiring minds want to know. Just how has the CORE fulfilled its mission, which reads in part:

About the CORE: Where we've been

"The purpose of (the CORE) is to have a church that, without compromising our beliefs, removes all barriers possible to reaching people outside the church."

Anyone with access to the WELS 2010 Statistical Report? It should be there in black and white under "adult confirmations" or "Baptisms" (esp. adult).

(..."without compromising our beliefs,"... - LOL!)


GJ - The CORE was a lie from the start, promoted at St. Peter, Freedom as a separate church. However, Ski was listed as a St. Peter pastor in the WELS Yearbook. Some people "join" The CORE by joining St. Peter, as transfers from other WELS congregations in the area.

The CORE is really an excuse to go multi-site, which is the Emergent Church fantasy. Apparently the St. Peter members were sold on a "new mission" when it was really a method of changing the congregation forever and importing an alien, anti-Lutheran doctrine and worship. Of course, Ron Ash prepped St. Peter for a few decades, as chairman of Church and Change. The CORE is the final assault, Ron's revenge. He was there for popcorn, colo opening night extravaganza.

Do you recall that the attorney at St. Peter was not allowed to transfer to another WELS church for doctrinal reasons? And yet local WELS members can join The CORE for being anti-Lutheran, surely a doctrinal reason if there ever was one.

False doctrine is always advanced by lying. If they told the truth about their teaching and their plans, no one would follow. They pick off the willing sheep, one by one. Where are the DPs and CPs, under the haystacks, fast asleep - with Little Bo Peep.


dobrin ( has left a new comment on your post "Deception is the Name of the Game":

Members unfortunately trust these manipulative fools with their salvation.


GJ - Unfortunately, the clergy and teachers keep re-electing DPs like Englebrecht. The DPs appoint the CPs, who are the only ones who can depose the man who appointed them.

John Seifert, as a CP, wanted me to bring charges against DP Mueller, but Seifert supported Mueller. Mueller betrayed the trust of so many that he chose to run away rather than run again. So Seifert became DP. Mueller got a free trip to Russia.

See how that works, little flocks?