Friday, March 4, 2011

ELCA Is the Only Honest Participant at the Jeske Union Conference

"Not another word from you, Brett.
Ichabod has endorsed my honesty and dissed your old associates."

As of this moment, nothing has changed with the Jeske-driven pan-demon ministry conference: Change or DIE!

The only honest participant is the Cross Lutheran ELCA pastor from Milwaukee. The rest are bald-faced liars.

The Little Sect on the Prairie is trembling in its lair, hoping no one remembers they agree with this debacle, by saying nothing against it.

The Wisconsin and Missouri sects both have pastors there who supposedly agree with the Book of Concord, oppose Enthusiasm, and condemn unionism with false teachers.

WELS, Missouri, and ELS - you are liars. Your leaders are feeble, silent, and deceitful.

ELCA - your actions and words are in perfect harmony with your game plan. Moreover, you kick anyone out who disagrees. You even kick congregations out for moving two steps to the right (keeping women's ordination, but hey, that's another adiaphoron). Nothing is an adiaphoron for you. It is in or out. You are willing to accept the loss of 250,000 members to keep your high church Unitarian doctrine pure, to make the world safe for Left-wing activism. At least people know what they are getting with ELCA.

WELS, Missouri, and the Little Sect lie when they say, "We are conservative Lutherans. We do not like false doctrine. We hate unionism. We adore the Book of Concord and have beautifully bound copies in our studies. We only allow leaders with the proper DNA. We are straighter than Bring'em Young."