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Monday, October 22, 2012

False Claims from the WELS -
An Upcoming Storm or a Massive Wimp-out?

The Wisconsin Synod makes a number of claims about itself. One by one, they are found to be false.

Claim - WELS believes in the inerrancy of Scriptures.

False - Although inerrancy is the historic position of the entire Christian Church, WELS has turned away from it to join the apostate, mainline denominations in selling Murdoch's New NIV to the masses. Even more than the old unionistic NIV, the New NIV:

  • invents new concepts, 
  • adds or subtracts significant words,
  • imposes the feminazi agenda, 
  • ignores the traditional manuscripts,
  • teaches universal absolution - all have sinned and all are justified.

WELS holds a quia subscription to the Book of Concord.

False - WELS is in love with its own Wauwatosa dogma, which advocates setting aside the Confessions in favor of whatever they invent. The seminary calls Lutheran orthodoxy "legalism" and justification by faith "misleading."

Wayne Mueller reproduced the ravings of another WELS drone, doubling down on his argument that the Book of Concord confessors wanted subsequent generations to invent new doctrine. Therefore, it is Confessional to be against the Confessions.

Normally they commit people who hear voices in their heads and talk that way, but WELS promotes them and lovingly installs their PDFs in the Holy of Holies, the WELS Essay Files.

WELS is in fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod alone.

False - WELS has worked together with ELCA and the Missouri Synod for decades, first in Lutheran World Relief and supporting the United Nations, later in various worship and evangelism projects with ELCA and everyone else.

WELS began sending its leaders to Fuller Seminary and other hives of Enthusiasm no later than the 1970s. Starting with SP Naumann, Church Growth was openly endorsed, funded, and promoted at all levels. Mischke, Gurgle, and Shredder have continued the process, opening WELS up to all denominations, isms, and dogmas through its addiction to Thrivent loot.

The more unionistic a WELS pastor is, the more he will be promoted, protected, and rewarded. The entire Church and Change operation is testimony to their reward system for apostasy.

WELS Teaches the Gospel.

False - WELS teaches against justification by faith, and that remains their one, solitary, fight-to-the-death dogma.

Their precious UOJ is not the Gospel - it is AntiGospel in thought, word, and deed.

Even the lukewarm Intrepid Lutherans refuse speak as one in favor of the Chief Article of the Christian Faith, but bow to the leadership of Wayne Mueller, who solemnly declared UOJ to be the Chief Article.

WELS practices church discipline.

False - WELS does just the opposite. If a synod-buddy is caught in adultery, child molestation, embezzlement, or teaching false doctrine, the organization jumps to that person's defense.

  • William Tabor participated with his mistress in the murder of his wife. Pow. In the parsonage. He moved to a new call in Escanaba and escaped the hoosegow altogether. Can you imagine a synod letting a known adulterer and murderer serve a parish? 
  • Al Just stabbed his wife to death with a steak knife, in their own bed, and got VP James Huebner's father to defend his character in court in Arizona. WELS clergy still claim Al was innocent, even though he confessed his sin in another venue.
  • Joel Hochmuth was caught in swapping man/boy rape files, but he served as the Director of Communications for WELS, for five years. As soon as he was arrested, Shredder got on the Net and absolved Hochmuth of his sin, even though Joel was already pleading not guilty. 
  • District President Ed Werner was known for molesting girls in his congregation. His behavior was noted in public too, at church baseball games. WELS kept re-electing him until he went to state prison. When Werner was arrested, Keith Free's father immediately spread a false story to cover up what had been happening for many, many years.
  • WELS has kicked out pastors for criticizing the NIV and UOJ, but not for false doctrine.
Wayne Mueller was seminary professor, head of Perish Services, and First VP:
denying Church Growth in WELS and loving UOJ.
Son Adam is a Church and Changer, and death on justification by faith.