Friday, December 14, 2012

Hogs Take Wisconsin Coaches To Replace Petrino Staff

Everyone hailed the firing of Coach Petrino,
whose face was explained as a close encounter with his mistress' fiance.
I thought he would become a WELS mission counselor or Planned Giving Counselor.

bruce-church ( has left a new comment on your post "Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell talked frequently, ...":

UW-Wisconsin football takes a big hit over Joe Petrino's adultery. WI loses its head coach Bielema to Arkansas, and then Bielema hires away WI's defensive coordinator.

Petrino lost his $3.5 million head coaching job at Arkansas, and now he accepted a coaching job at Western Kentucky for a quarter of his previously salary. Also, he's locked in for four years or else he has to pay a $1.2 million penalty.

Western Kentucky gave Petrino a four-year deal with a base annual salary of $850,000. If he terminates the deal at any time, he must re-pay the university $1.2 million in six monthly payments starting the month after he leaves.

Bielema hires Ash to run defense: