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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Walther Said - "Slavery is good!"

The syphilitic founder of the LCMS, Martin Stephan,
chose a slave state for his groupie Zion.
His Pietistic Bohemians owned slaves.

Norman Teigen wrote on the Opionator blog, New York Times:

Another German reactionary was CFW Walther who was the founding father of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Walther defended slavery using arguments from the Southern slavery apologists. He sided with the Confederate side in the 1861 St. Louis arsenal conflict. Walther did not raise the stars and bars, as some deteactors claimed, over the Lutheran seminary which he headed. Walther did greatly offend Lutherans in Minnesota and Wisconsin who withdrew their sons from the St. Louis seminary. Walther never retracted his slavery remarks. Walther became a highly revered ecclesiastical figure. His elaborate tomb is in St. Louis. Some Lutherans continue to defend Walther's slavery writings although his church does not.