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Monday, December 17, 2012

If We Take the Chief Article Seriously - Denominational Earthquakes Will Follow

Almost all the justification-without-faith essays begin with the quotation about justification being the Chief Article of the Christian Faith, "the master and prince" as Luther wrote.

They say justification--not justification by faith--and then plow into their Synodical Conference quotations, world without end, Amen.

Justification without faith--UOJ--is the official dogma of ELCA, WELS, Missouri, the ELS, and the micro-mini splinters from the SynCons. These little groups are so precious they even recycle the same initials - not one but two CLCs, etc.

Given the status of universal salvation (DP Buchholz's passion and ELCA's foundation), those who remain with the Biblical, Book of Concord, and Luther perspective cannot abide with Holy Mother Synod.

Look at a partial list of UOJ controlled organs:

  • LutherQuest (sic), Steadfast Lutherans (sic), Intrepid Lutherans (mixed bag)
  • Synodical Magazines and Journals, from The Lutheran (sic) down to the Lutheran (sic) Spokesman
  • Christian News
  • Walther and Pieper
  • Kuske catechism but not the original Gausewitz

That means justification by faith Lutherans have nothing in common with the synods named above but something important in common with conservative Evangelicals, even though some of them are also fooled by Fuller, Stanley, and Rick Warren (the same wolves who charge WELS and Missouri so much for sharing their marketing wisdom).

I am not saying that justification by faith Lutherans should turn Baptist, only that justification by faith Lutherans have nothing in common with the long-established synods. Nothing. They are only staying to imbibe more poison.

If you doubt that, look at the LCMS-WELS reactions to justification by faith. Both synods love-love-love Mark Jeske, who is far more New Age than he is generic mainline cold oatmeal. But they will excommunicate, foreclose, and excoriate anyone who teaches what Luther taught so clearly.


Brett Meyer has left a new comment on your post "If We Take the Chief Article Seriously - Denominat...":

The Lutheran Synods and the Baptist Church have perverted the central article of Justification. Interesting that the Baptist's have perverted it with works righteousness by teaching decision theology but have retained the correct formulation of Justification by Faith Alone. The Lutheran Synod have done so much worse. They teach decision theology by their perversion of the Holy Spirit's faith, Works righteousness by their definition of faith and by embracing Objective Justification they have perverted the article beyond recognition.

The Lutheran Synods have become twice the whore of the Devil.
DP Jon Buchholz has clearly shown that the Lutheran Synods now teach the same central article of the Roman Catholic Church and have anathematized Justification by Faith Alone. His position that his decrees and the doctrines of His religion are beyond questioning are also identical to the Pope's infallibility decree.