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Monday, December 17, 2012

Synodical Conference Lutherans - A Translation

SynCon - "No translation is perfect."
Translation - "Don't even bring up the KJV."

SynCon - "Luther was not an apostle."
Translation - "I never read Luther and only use Paul as a springboard for UOJ."

SynCon - "We are not bound by the Confessions."
Translation - "We are bound by the WELS Essay Files, our Holy of Holies, even if some are written by atheists and homosexual seminary founders."

SynCon - "That is a gre-e-e-ey area of Scripture."
Translation - "We are working on a way to get past that obstacle."

SynCon - "Who told you?"
Translation - "This is not a good time to cite Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed."

SynConf - "We are becoming more confessional."
Translation - "We just excommunicated another congregation for questioning Holy Mother WELS."