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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bed-Fellows with ELCA - Still Being Defended by WELS, LCMS, ELS

This puppy-blanket will distract readers from the content below.

Hans Fiene has produced a little animation about people confusing the SynCons with ELCA. I saw a discussion on Facebook and interrupted their Pietistic navel-gazing.

I wrote:

The LCMS, WELS, and ELS work on many projects jointly with ELCA. The LCMS voted overwhelmingly to continue. If ELCA is so bad, why work with them? If ELCA is good enough for joint religious projects, why criticize them? You can't have it both ways.

People began to jump into the discussion and post as if I were born yesterday.

"Harrison is gradually phasing out work with ELCA."

I responded - "Jack Preus was phasing it out too, decades ago. Anyone remember him?" That was going on 40 years ago. Here is one liberal version of the events and personalities.

After Jack Preus, Ralph Bohlmann became president (also with Otten's endorsement).

I remember the issue of The Lutheran (LCA/ELCA) magazine that printed a photo of Ralph Bohlmann, Carl Mischke (WELS), and Herb Chilstrom (ELCA) together. The photo said - "Chiefs confer." The big event was one sponsored by Ur-Thrivent: The Snowbird Leadership Conference. It drew together the leadership of ELCA, WELS, Missouri, and perhaps the ELS. The ELS does not count for anything in the big gatherings, but they definitely go along with it all. The lectures were given by apostates, plus the Peter Drucker MBO con game.

I got the account published in Christian News and ghosted the editorial denouncing the event.There was a bit of a hub-bub, some lame excuses from WELS, and everything continued as before. The WELS magazine did not run the photo, for some reason.

More of the same continued under Al Barry. Kieschnick and Gurgle kicked it up a few notches. Now Harrison and Schroeder are going through the same motions.

The best of many recent examples is SP Schroeder (WELS) and Director of Communications Joel Hochmuth sending out a letter denouncing ELCA for its homosexual activism. Meanwhile, Hochmuth was swapping man/boy rape files with his peers, all over the Internet, including one FBI agent. The evidence disclosed that Hochmuth had been caught before and given counseling, so the WELS bosses knew and did nothing. Hundreds of these felonious files were kept at WELS headquarters, from which Schroeder issued his blast against ELCA.

Big Waste of Money
Millions are spent on joint meetings and conferences, among ELCA-WELS-LCMS leaders. ELCA dictates the agenda, which is fine with Missouri and WELS.

However, WELS and Missouri must pretend this is coming to an end or not happening at all. Thrivent does not publish the events in their slick magazine anymore, after many reprints in Christian News. Everyone--including Otten--is in bed with Thrivent, so no one is going to discuss the truth about the events and the money wasted marketing for Thrivent.

--- From 12 years ago:

First VP of WELS, Jim Huebner, is grouped with many of the spiritual leaders 
admired by ELS/WELS/LCMS leaders.

The ELCA statements below are too tedious to quote and have dubious claims at best. My original source is the ALPB discussion group, aka Pooled Ignorance. One minister claimed the Disciples of Christ came from Methodism (!) and are quite conservative (?) and strongest in Indiana (Ha!). In fact, they practice believer's baptism, are extreme Leftists, and are strongest from Illinois down to Texas. LBJ belonged to their sect.

One ELCA claim has Luther arguing for people coming to faith after they die. Hmm. Many Luther items are fake, mistranslated, or misunderstood.

The Matthew 28 treatment is so bad it is being deleted in the new edition.

"It says, in part, "...In contrast to 10:5-6, 23, Jesus now sends the disciples to make disciples of all nations. That does not mean make everyone disciples. Most people who are helped by Jesus and believe in him never become disciples. Jesus includes in salvation people who do not believe in him or even know about him (5:3-10, 25:31-45)."

The professor who published this has defended it here.

Ironically, Paul McCain and Jay Webber--both MDivs from The Surrendered Fort--roam the blogosphere warning people away from what I publish. Yet both men support the passage above, in the form of UOJ. They are both UOJ Stormtroopers, as active and as predatory as the LutherQuest (sic) crusaders.

Normally I do not spend much time on ELCA heresy, but this one is so close to UOJ that one is either the mother or daughter of the other. WELS/ELS unionism is the result of this doctrine.


Exposing the ELCA
Dr. Walter Bouman (Trinity Seminary) said: “Difficult as it is -- because I always think of it as unfair -- I’ve come to accept God’s universal salvation as the final consequence of Jesus’ resurrection” (The Lutheran, Nov 05, p. 24).

"In 1956, Bouman was ordained in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) and served as pastor of two LCMS congregations -- St. Paul Lutheran Church, Chatfield, Minn., and St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Albany, N.Y. -- before joining the faculty of Concordia Teachers College, River Forest, Ill., in 1963."