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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ordain a Lady - Non-Viral Video Shot Outside an Episcopalian Church

Is there a WELS pastor nearby looking for extra work?

Pastor Nathan Bickel sent me this video. I decided against embedding it, so watch "Ordain a Lady" at your own risk. Usually YouTube comments are obnoxious, crude, or obscene - often all three.

"Ordain a Lady" was shot outside an Episcopalian church, perhaps one closed by their Presiding Bishop - Katie Schori.

Very few denominations have resisted the pressure to ordain women. As the star of the video says, "Don't listen to Paul, cuz I have a call."

Many theological trends can be associated together, since each one nurtures the others.

Enthusiasm is the foundation. Once people ignore the Scriptures as the revealed Word of God, the only norm for faith and practice, something else must become the norm. In the Church of Rome, the pope can generate or verify any dogma he wishes - "from the throne of his heart."

Pentecostals were the first to ordain women. Mainline denominations followed.

Mainline Protestants began by questioning the text and canon of the New Testament. I know of liberal ministers who said from the pulpit, "The New Testament could have 15 or 100 books in it." Therefore, the Bible is just a convenience, so we can baptize societal trends with a few stained glass words.

Feminism, abortion-on-demand, and political activism all paved the way for gay liberation. The jokes I published about ELCA in 1987 have all been fulfilled. For example - "There is plenty of storage room at ELCA headquarters. The closets are all empty." But - when have I been wrong? The only problem is being 25 years early.

WELS and Missouri have already approved the ordination of women, and they have started the process. Everything is a process. Look up Diaprax on ChurchMouse.

WELS and Missouri work with ELCA feminist leaders - and they love their fellowship together. ELCA looks down on its smaller partners in ministry with compassion and understanding. They were once led by male clergy alone. WELS and Missouri will gain much from ELCA insights, and ELCA calls the shots on all cooperative work. Thanks - Thrivent.

WELS already "ordains" women in several ways. John Brug, at the Sausage Factory, endorsed women's ordination years ago, in The Popes Speak, aka the Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly.

Stadler and crew promoted women's ordination, cheered on by Herman Otten's sister, Marie Meyer. I saw them both at Ft. Wayne.

Remember Iver Johnson? He was part of the Stadler team of three pastors. Instead of liberating women , he was liberating the Sixth Commandment. He celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary by divorcing his wife and marrying his mistress.

Iver was an editor of Tiefel's Cult Worship, the Booze and Broads edition.

WELS and Missouri advance women's ordination in baby steps. For example, the Latte Church had a woman ministering the Means of Grace, her words, at its couch and coffee location, which flopped almost as fast as Paul Kuske's Pilgrim Community Church.

WELS used the offering money from its congregations to give women assistants plush salaries for helping to start Church and Change missions. Several got $50,000 a year - very impressive when ordained pastors are not able to make ends meet, choosing between buying meds or groceries.

Missouri does these little skits too, such as having a couple give a "Bible study" at a "prayer study" that looks just like a formal worship service. Al Barry attended one and had no problem with it.

Or Missouri will invite an ELCA lady (pro-abortion, gay ordination advocate) to preach at their congregation. Nothing is done, of course. Feelings would be hurt.

Glende and Ski, who take pride in never telling the truth, mounted an expensive evening service in another part of town, pretended it was a "new urban mission," and appointed Bishop Katie as the assistant to Ski. Church and Change spends church money lavishly, foolishly, reverently.

Soon Katie was jetting around with Glende and Ski, attending all those ministry conferences, such as the Drive raves hosted by gay advocate Andy Stanley.

Just as WELS and Missouri advance women's ordination step-by-step, so also they move gay ordination forward the same way. They already ordain known homosexuals, obviously knowing who they are. They move each one around until there is one scandal too many.

We already know that one notorious homosexual was working at WELS headquarters when he was arrested on felony charges of man-boy porn sharing. Notice how he was absolved immediately by SP Mark Schroeder and given the best lawyer money could buy. In time the charges were reduced and a very light sentence handed out.

It all goes together - signs of the times. Martin Luther College students produce an obvious gay video and claim in print, in the Wisconsin Lutheran College student paper, that they "did not know" they were copying a gay video - Party in the Fire Island Pines. The director of that classic was "Mike Fudge."

Wisconsin Lutheran College - isn't that the Church and Change school where the notorious homosexual archbishop, R. Weakland, gave a public lecture? Oh yes, I still have the graphic.

It all goes together - apostasy. Depart from the Word of God, make excuses, and join the Satanic amen corner of cultural decline.

Archbishop Weakland was such an embarrassment to Rome - think of that -
that his retirement was forced.