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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WELS Staying Silent about Joel Hochmuth.
Will Herman Otten Bury This Story Too?

"We are hearing more confessions, plea bargains, and excuses.
Does anyone need an office building?
We own two."

rlschultz has left a new comment on your post "Hochmuth Still on the Prowl: Sex Offender, Former ...":

WELS leadership has not really gone public about this, other than some damage control and those disingenuous statements from the Synod President. Many pastors have simply not said anything to their members, unless they are asked by them. None of this should surprise us. The synods really are finished. The future does not look bright for the synod minders. Even though UOJ says that all are forgiven, the one unforgivable sin is criticizing Holy Mother Synod. 


GJ - When I correctly stated in Christian News that WELS had a big problem in this area, Herman Otten immediately apologized to Mark Schroeder, WELS, and John Brug on the front page of his tabloid. I was going to take up a collection to buy him a pack of ChapStick (tm).

That was just before the first Hochmuth arrest and plea-bargain, but I don't remember Otten apologizing to me, admitting that I was right.

Bring Back Party in the MLC has around 1300 likes, and the video will be up forever and ever. Gay blogs found it amusing that a homophobic sect (WELS) had their Director of Communications arrested with man/boy rape videos. They quoted Mark Schroeder and Joel Hochmuth.

A request from one of the originators of the video, and from all the guys in the video...I don't know who the administrator of this group is, or who created it, but it's time to get rid of this group, especially since the video is still posted on it. The video was removed from YouTube for a reason...because we didn't want the video open to public viewing. It puts those of us in the video in a bad light, and we don't want it posted anywhere, anymore. So please, if you are the administrator, or know who the administrator is, please remove this page and the video from Facebook. Thank you!
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  • Hank Williams hmmm and when did that happen? After Hochmuth was arrested for distributing child porn? You should really think how your actions can lead others into sin ans stop hiding behind the 8th commandment. No one would have anything to say if you'd used your other head and thought through what the ramifications were goig to be. And BTW it doesn't just put you in a bad light - it harms MLC and WELS. No shortage of stupid here?! Right.
  • Troy Schreiner You're right, sir. It was a mistake. It doesn't make it an excuse that it was a dumb thing we did in college, and we didn't think it through. It was a poor decision, and we now regret it, which is why we've been working to get it taken off of every public venue since it first happened. We have repented and asked for forgiveness for what we did and haven't "hidden behind the 8th commandment" at all. It does put our school and our synod in a bad light....which I reiterate is why we're trying to get rid of it, so it isn't available for people to see anymore. As I said, we've apologized, we've repented, and we've been forgiven by our God and by those we've apologized to. Hope you can do the same, Mr. Williams.

thanks to one of our AMAZING fans we have a copy of PARTY IN THE MLC!!!!! enjoy,

I find it odd to have Lutherans clucking their Pharisaical tongues over the Roman Catholics and ELCA when the "conservative" Lutherans are showing homosexual style videos as student productions (WELS, Martin Luther College) or inviting a notorious Roman Catholic archbishop-homosexual to lecture the public (Wisconsin Lutheran College, WELS), or staying silent (ELS) or having a former Roman Catholic bishop marching in procession at Bethany Lutheran College (ELS) - with the ELS lying about it.