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Monday, March 4, 2013

Strange Definitions

Someone contacted me - his clergy friends advised him to be angry with me. He added another person who was named on this blog as someone who was supposed to be upset - or should be - something along those lines.

Notice that those clergy friends of his did not contact me about this. No, they like being anonymous, especially when it comes to, "Why don't you two fight!"

If I express my self and sign my name to my opinions, that is treated as a grave breach of ethics, especially when it is right on target. But if someone makes up something and whispers it to anyone stupid enough to listen, that illustrates a smoothness and elegance of the brother clergy.

I find that a strange set of definitions.

One example was comical. I illustrated what Mark and Avoid Jeske was doing by quoting from two sources about his recent ecumenical worship efforts. I embedded the link in the material, so anyone could look it up in the online versions.

One of the nasty graduates of the Sausage Factory phoned a friend of mine and told him I had lied about this. Let us pause for a moment. Why would I lie about something that could be easily researched? That would be blogicide, a tactic used by Tim Glende, Joe Krohn, and other UOJ Storm-brownies.

As I  proved in the post, one account spelled out the details while the other omitted the details. That was a joint LCMS-WELS worship service. The two sects are alike, so I enjoy showing how they practice deception about being apart when they are closer than Velcro and lint. And they are forced, forced to work with ELCA.

My friend was alarmed that I was deceiving the readers about the nefarious deeds of Mark Jeske, so I pointed out the embedded links and invited him to compare and contrast the two news stories. I had been called a liar and slandered, anonymously, behind my back. Surely this unknown and unknowing person would apologize! Aren't all WELS clergy filled with humility and contrition and all that? But not a word came my way.

WELS defines their approach as being Biblical, because they cite Matthew 18 and the Eighth Commandment when they are caught involved in false doctrine, unionism, murder, adultery, and child molestation.

If a favored Church and Changer does some that would put him on a registered sex offender list and earn him jail time, anyone objecting to that misdeed would be considered a slanderer, as I was recently called by that guardian of morals and manners, Joel Lillo, Fox Valley WELS. He does not sign his name to his posts, so I use HTML to add his complete name and pastoral office.

The cover-up artists murder souls and destroy lives with their tactics. They are so brave when operating in the stealth mode.

I asked my WELS friend, "Do you want me to praise you and some others? The fleet of synodical manure trucks will  start arriving a few minutes later."

WELS leaders are not content to toss their Dreck at the imagined offender. The entire family is manured, along with any suspected friend. School children are abused and bullied - to get even. If they tell their parents, they are bullied even more. That is how an abusive sect behaves.

Walther taught this method to others. Stephan's adultery with young women was the fault of the bishop's wife, he told another slanderer "confidentially." Walther's hagiographer told this to his LCMS audience, "confidentially," failing to mention the eight or ten children Mrs. Stephan bore for her syphilitic husband. Everyone else has VD, but the founder of the LCMS had "rashes." Yes - the kind of rashes that make the mother die young and the babies start out with profound neurological degeneration.

I do not know the total lifespan of Issues in WELS and Intrepid Lutherans, but nothing has come of their efforts. Politeness, fear of reprisals, or lack of confidence in the truth has blunted their criticisms.


Brett Meyer:

Pastor Jackson, your description of how the clergy and laity in the Lutheran Synods operate is quite accurate.  I offer this example from the Intrepid Lutherans.  This is one of many emails and conversations over the years, from people throughout the Synods, that extends the same message: 1) we probably share some personal attributes  2) you offend important people 3) the offense is not due to their doctrinal confession  4) you must remain open to being corrected  5) stop immediately.  Here is the link to my response to Mr. Lindee of the Intrepid Lutherans.