Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ugly Questions for St. Peter, Freedom, Wisconsin - Home of The CORE, Appleton

 Reggie McNeal, Fuller Seminary.

  • Swing for Success - a golf outing - raised $15,000 last year. Who will be outed this year?
  • The council meeting began with a devotion from Reggie McNeal's Practicing Greatness. Isn't Tim Glende the pastor who raged that I linked Lutheran resources on this blog?
  • The annual budget for St. Peter is more than $1 million, so why did they need an enormous grant from WELS to buy a stinky old bar in downtown Appleton?
  • Please keep our brothers and sisters at the CORE in your prayers as well, as they move forward during a somewhat challenging time in their life as part of the kingdom...Remember Pastor Ski and his family as well in your prayers. Does this mean Ski was suspended? Will this appear in the Call Reports from Mark Schroeder, as it did with Paul Rydecki?

What did he know and when did he know it?