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Saturday, August 24, 2013

WELS Plan - To Return Ski to The CORE. Promoted by DP Engelbrecht, Approved by SP Schroeder

Although Ski had to post a bond to guarantee he would appear in court in Milwaukee, and was not wanted at Jeske's St. Marcus, he was kicked upstairs to Appleton.

WELS allowed Ski to pretend he had his own mission with The CORE, when he was just another staff member at St. Peter in Freedom, Wisconsin, part of the degenerate Fox Valley WELS circuit, where plagiarizing false teachers is not only the norm, but defended by DP Engelbrecht (aka Deputy Doug).

First Ski supposedly quit in December, then again officially in April. I have never known of a Synod President getting directly involved in a congregation, but Schroeder did that to cut a deal with Fox Valley. Engelbrecht wanted Ski back at The CORE, which is what he promised St. Peter in Freedom.

According to Deputy Doug, not the most honest person in the world, Schroeder agreed to this.

Doug has always gone out of his way to protect and promote Glende and Ski, the second being the Fox Valley Lutheran High School sex expert. Doubtless parents are rejoicing that a man kicked out of the ministry for sexual harassment and drinking on the job was their children's spiritual guide at the parochial high school.

Whoopy worship leads to whoopy education.

Now Ski is the Prodigal Son, according to DP Doug, repentant and purified by several months of paid vacation. Church and Changers coached him in how to be a good pastor:

  • Like Kelm?
  • Like Jeske?
  • Like Larry Olson?
  • Like William Tabor?
  • Like Jeff Gunn?