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Monday, May 12, 2014

Top Ten Crimes in the Wisconsin Synod - WELS

Nominate one of these candidates for the WELS Prison Ministry post.

This is from WELS's Meditations, March-May 2014, for Monday, 17 March 2014.  The howler is in the second column which reads:  

"No matter what you did yesterday -- or failed to do -- and no matter what you will do tomorrow, God has forgiven you."

Now, try saying that and putting in a sin from the second table of the Law.  Were I to say, for example, that I committed adultery yesterday and I'm going to do it tomorrow, God has forgiven me.  Somehow, that doesn't make sense.  Nor would it were I to say "murder" or theft" or anything other sin, "big" or "little."  I'm not sure if this is an example of UOJ or just the inability to think or perhaps a combination of both -- a "bifecta"?  This is the pap that is peddled in Meditations -- and remember, this is the stuff that goes unfiltered into the homes of the unsuspecting.
Arizona Lutheran Academy (WELS) teacher Al Just stabbed his wife to death in bed and pleaded not-guilty. He was convicted, even though the Martin Luther College president vouched for him, and a busload of WELS drones came to cheer him on. Al Just married his children's babysitter when he was in the Big House. She saw the light and divorced him later.

“Dear Greg Jackson,

Normally I would just ignore your Website exaggerated comments built on hearsay, but because the comments made concerning Al Just were personal I need to respond.

It saddens me and troubles me that even though you have no firsthand knowledge of the Al Just case involving the death of his wife, Sharon, you pass a judgment of guilty. It's interesting to me
that Pastor Lloyd Huebner and a large host of collegues [sic], neighbors and relatives believed Al when he said he was innocent and they went to testify on his behalf. They knew Al and took him at his word and so they defended him and spoke well of him. Also, interesting to me is the fact that Sharon's parents also testified on behalf of their son-in-law even though he was accused of killing
their daughter. They too knew Al and took him at his word and so they also defended him and spoke well of him. While none of these people could see Al's heart they believed his word regardless of the verdict of guilty of second degree murder that was passed down by the jury.

Since I believe you also are not able to see a man's heart, and that you do not have first hand knowledge of Al or the incident I don't see how you can pass any judgment at all. The most you can do is offer an opinion or make a guess or speculate based on stories, second hand reports, etc. To imply that Al is guilty and to refer to him as "good old Al" is breaking the 8th commandment. I base that judgment on what you wrote. My judgemnt [sic] is based on fact and not hearsay. For this you need to repent.
I am...
Duane Rodewald
Dean of Students at Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, MI
and nephew of Al Just."

Ex-WELS Comment about Rodewald's email:

I think Duane's comments prove one of the points you are trying to make.  First, the courts passed judgement on Al Just yet Duane implies that you are not qualified to relay the story because "you didn't have first hand knowledge."  Attempted guilt trip.  Second, Duane implies that the opinion of Al's buddy Huebner and his MLC students that believe Al, Al's relatives that believe Al and even his parents in law that believe Al trumps the opinion of the jury because "they knew Al."  It's not like a liar is going to call upon people who don't buy their manure. Third, Duane contradicts himself by going off point with the "knowing the heart" statement.  Seriously, how does Al's buddy Huebner and his MLC students, Al's relatives and even his parents in law know his heart well enough to testify on his behalf.  Can we all examine hearts or not OR is only Al's alliance qualified because they are on Al's side and believe his word as if Al was Jesus Christ himself?  Then Duane finishes with the WELS attempted power play by calling you to repent.  Or in other words, stop bringing the WELS to light.

I guess not all WELS called workers get to be judged on earth by a jury of their biased non-objective friends.

It's vintage WELS through and through.  The only people qualified to have an opinion are members of the alliance.  The facts of the case are not true because the alliance said so.  Anyone outside the alliance who disagrees is wrong.  It's a liars paradise.

John 16: 1-3 & 2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12.  

In Christ,

Name Witheld

[GJ - Al Just's in-laws and the MLC president realized that Al lied to them. They could not figure out that a woman does not roll over on a steak knife 27 times in bed, bleeding to death? That is how blinded WELS members and leaders are.]

Pastor William Tabor did not pull the trigger, but he "aimed the gun," using his mistress to murder his wife at the Salem, Milwaukee parsonage. WELS let him take another call and move out of state, to Escanaba, Michigan. His personnel files "disappeared," but various pastors know his non-WELS congregation warned the sect not to accept Tabor - a known adulterer - as a WELS pastor. His mistress went to the Big House, but Tabor never served time in prison.


WELS Pastor Matthew Luetke was arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography recently.

As of May 20th, 2014 - this was Hochmuth's profile on LinkedIn.
Joel Hochmuth was in charge of public relations for WELS when the FBI raided his home and WELS headquarters. They found hundreds of man/boy rape videos and graphics.

WELS Synod President immediately absolved Hochmuth, who then pleaded not-guilty and hired by chance the most expensive attorney in Wisconsin. How did that happen?

Schroeder and Hochmuth wrote a joint letter regretting ELCA's decision to accept homosexual ordination and marriage. In fact, WELS has homosexual pastors and knows all about it. Schroeder's response to someone informing him about about an active homosexual pastor was - "Write a letter."


District President Ed Werner Appealed to the State Supreme Court of South Dakota

"On April 16, 1990, a complaint was filed charging Werner with six counts of sexual contact with a child under the age of 16 (a violation of SDCL 22-22-7) and two counts of attempted sexual contact with a child under the age of sixteen (a violation of SDCL 22-22-7 and 22-4-1). An amended complaint dated May 22, 1990, added an additional charge of sexual contact with a child under the age of sixteen. All of the complaints alleged the sexual contact between Werner and the young female parishioners occurred during church-related activities during the period from October 1987 to March of 1990.

The testimony elicited from these [other] women indicated that Werner had sexual contact with young women of his parish for every year from 1962 to 1990 with the exception of 1983 and 1986."

 Pastor Adrian was given a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. He returned the call.


The congregation has an important place in Lutheran and regional history.
The organ is magnificent, kept in good repair.

WELS stole this property and the congregation's endowment. The same scoundrels kicked the congregation and pastor out of WELS for a minor (but childish) prank many years ago. The pastor apologized and paid damages for tagging the property of another WELS congregation, but that was not enough. The DP kicked them out.

Apparently WELS was furious that the congregation
was inviting people to the church for worship and organ concerts,
so they stole it and closed it up - just like the Episcopalian Presiding Bishop.


Pastor Leon Piepenbrink was convicted of multiple felonies in slipping a large chunk of change away from the WELS. Great software you installed, Mark Schroeder. It cost almost as much as this one theft, which happened long afterward the controls were established. Controls? - that did not happen before, did it? Why aren't those men in prison?

 Pastor Leon Piepenbrink was convicted of multiple felonies in slipping a large chunk of change away from the WELS. Great software you installed, Mark Schroeder. It cost almost as much as this one theft, which happened long afterward the controls were established. Controls? - that did not happen before, did it? Why aren't those men in prison?

He was "helping the needy" and only got one year in the hoosegow.