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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Creation and Evolution - Two Opposing Views

The Little Red Hen garden -
everyone wants to be there at harvest.

I am starting to covet my neighbors' leaves. I have plenty to mulch-mow in the front yard and to compost or use as mulch in the backyard. If I had a larger yard and fewer trees I might revert to the Midland days, when I spotted bags of leaves on the curb, ready for pick up, stopped the car, popped the trunk and loaded them. Little Ichabod hid himself in the back seat, saying, "Why can't I have a normal father?"

And yet - no one turned down my Silver Queen corn. In fact, my neighbors became as anxious about my sweet corn as I once was about their leaves.

Besides, LI was happy to have me offloading the bunny compost below the cages of his pets. We had children's swimming pools filled with soil and earthworms - Mrs. I's idea. When a pool was ready to be refilled, the soil was simply a mass of earthworms, like drawing them out of a shipment from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, but full sized and fattened up on bacteria. "Earthworms are cows that graze on bacteria."

Gardeners never have enough compost, mulch, or earthworms. The only thing I did was gather organic material and buy a few worms initially from Jimmy Carter's cousin.

Some people responded to a recent Ichabod link on Facebook, appreciating the gardening articles. One of my highschool classmates mentioned his favorite work on the topic - The Blind Watchmaker, by Dawkins - a book touting evolution.

Dawkins used the Watchmaker Analogy, which is famous among Creationists, to argue for evolution being logical, given enough time.

If I find a watch walking on the trail, I can hardly imagine it assembled itself by accident. The sale of a watch with 24 complications just sold for over $20 million. A plant cell has many more complications, plus the ability to change into the type of cell needed by the plant (roots, leaves, flower, fruit, seed).

I assume the problem with one watch complication is not going to stop the mechanism from working altogether. However, the failure of one cell mechanism can certainly keep that cell from living or thriving or multiplying.

On a macro scale, what mechanism allows the plant roots to offer carbon credits to fungus for nitrogen, metal ions, and water?

The gardening blogs tell me to scoop up soil and have it tested for what it needs. I do not have the facilities or motivation to do that. I would have to take my sample to a lab, whose tests would reveal too much or too little of this or that chemical. Where is the analytical lab in the rose that first notes its need for copper ions (for example) and sends the right signal to fungus to offer carbon in exchange for copper ions and a dash of nitrogen.

Obama failed to set up state exchanges for ObamaCare. Over 30 states refused to do that, imperiling the funding of the greatest invention since the Pinto. But plants have successful exchanges everywhere. In fact, scientists have found all plants (so far) have a fungus living within them to make them healthier and resistant to bugs and disease.

As children,  we learned that certain plants set up a symbiotic relationship, but now we know that all plants have one. If the fungus is kept away, the plant suffers. This astonishing relationship pales when seen in the light of all the microscopic creatures living with and prospering the plant at the root level.

Someone wrote:

I cannot overemphasize how bad my experience in public schools (high school and college) has been (singularly) with regards to evolutionists mocking Christianity.  It is unfortunate that it is ingrained (and indoctrinated) so much in our youth today.  I am thankful that there is a remnant throughout the earth who reject this abuse of the education system.

We must teach Creation from the Word, and not be surprised that the evidence is all around us. Most people have an instinctive regard for Creation and the Flood, so we have all the more cause to give a reason for the hope within us.