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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WELS Martin Luther College Running in the Red -
In Spite of Their New Diaper-Changing Degree

Names on the governing board are withheld,
just like the names of the people leading Evangelism Day.

  • Student fee increases of 5% were approved for 2015-16, bringing total tuition, room and board charges for full time students to $18,920.  A corresponding 5% increase in need based financial assistance was also approved.
  • Budgets for fiscal years 2016 ($19.5 million) and 2017 ($20.2 million) were approved. Each year features a synodical operating subsidy of approximately $3.0 million and includes annual wage increases averaging 1.75%. As approved, both years of  the biennium are dependent on the use of institutional reserve funds. The first year includes a deficit of about $325,000; the second, about $410,000.
  • Two additions to the master site plan were approved:
    • A structure with locker rooms and indoor practice space for spring sports at our soccer-baseball complex.
    • One or more dormitories in the area of 216 and 224 Summit Avenue (this addition would require the removal of up to three faculty homes) to replace the dorms we tore down to build the new diaper changing center.
    • The Evangelism Certificate Program, developed in cooperation with the Committee on Evangelism, was endorsed by the board and subsequently approved by the plenary faculty on October 7. Or we could just send them to Fuller or Willow Creek.
    • The  Administrative  Council  was  directed  to  develop  a  long  range  strategy  for  the purchase of properties adjacent to the campus.  Such purchases would help to maintain green space on the main campus and provide land that could be used for transitional housing, student housing, parking, etc.
Official photo of Jeff Schone at the WELS convention,
modeling his dress for success wardrobe.

Ah, life is good when
teen-agers borrow for life to fund your job.
GJ - Colleges are failing all over the US, but they are still a pot of gold for those who govern them. There is really no limit to what they charge for their services, since gubmint loans make up the difference.

WELS calls foreign students "walking bags of money." An American degree is golden, since few overseas people ask pointed questions about the college. Coming home with an American accent and a USA degree - fabulous. 

MLC takes the money from its students and drives out anyone who might displease them, leaving them with loans that must be repaid, no matter what. The students have the debt, WELS has the cash. 

Is this  MLC degree worth $80,000? Hardly. If some teenage boy thinks he will be a WELS pastor, think again. Just like Missouri, his chances are excellent - of being pushed away before or soon after graduation from seminary. 

The high school graduate is looking at an eight-year commitment (minimum) to become a pastor while the synod has none, zero. In fact, Holy Mother Synod will probably slander him on the way out, too. 

If the future shepherd meets a shepherdess, she is expected to work her way through his educational program. The biggest synodical suck-up can still be kicked out when it suits the suits at the Love Shack. In fact, I have seen established loyalists pushed out and left bitter and abandoned. Quite a few wives have been left behind too, but no one admits that anymore. The conservative Lutheran pastors emulate their financial idol - Marvin Schwan.

But wait - an MLC or Concordia college graduate could become a teacher. The WELS schools are dropping faster than the Notre Dame football standings.  It is difficult to get a good return on that bill and the high interest loans.

Change those diapers or DIE!