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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Huffington Post Article on Congregations Leaving ELCA -
But Not To Join the WELS, LCMS, or ELS Den of Thieves

Huffington Post - On congregations leaving the mainlines
Among the broader, longstanding concerns that convinced departing congregations that they no longer had a home in their denominations that Carthage College researchers found were:
• "Bullying" tactics by denominational leaders.
• A perceived abandonment of foundational principles of Scripture and tradition.
• The devaluation of personal faith.
"Speaking as a Lutheran of ALC background, I find the adulation of Walther by many in the LCMS and its derivatives almost nauseating. I can admire him without apotheosizing him, which is what some seem to do - much like some RC's do with the Virgin Mary. How dare anyone do that."
Lutheran layman

GJ - The author David Briggs knows the Lutheran situation quite well. He argues that congregations are not leaving the mainlines for LGTBQ issues alone, but for the other issues (listed above) as well.
That may explain why the congregations leaving ELCA skipped WELS, Missouri, and the Little Sect altogether. The Olde Synodical Conference trio licked their chops at the thought of easy gains when ELCA was forming. Lyle Schaller assured them of a rich harvest -  and he did harvest rich fees from them. WELS used to send out his newsletters  to all clergy.
But why join sects that share  the same issues with ELCA? In fact, their umbrella organization is an insurance company - Thrivent, the same business funding ELCA. 
The synods should be thankful for having anything left,
because people have caught on to the Humpty-Dumptyness.