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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amusing Belly-ache on Facebook - About Critical Blogs

Some Lutheran clergy were exercising their right to be sanctimonious, quoting an ex-pastor about those who post so many critical articles.

I am not sure if they meant this blog. They were content to hint about their displeasure without identifying the source or even the content they abhorred. However, almost all "Lutheran" blogs are so irenic in tone--in the world and of the world--that the candidates are few.

If they posted all of the Luther sermons from Lenker, I would not have had that burden - which I enjoyed immensely.

If they objected to the synods working with ELCA, I would not have to mention that from time to time.

If they were honest about Martin Stephan being syphilitic and CFW Walther being his larcenous enabler, I would not have to expose the facts.

If they connected their leadership to the promotion of the emergent church fad from Fuller Seminary, I could just write - "Amen!"

If they would show some spine and reject Thrivent, its crafts and assaults, I would not have so many negative posts about "conservative" denominations working with abortion activists via an insurance business. What is more ludicrous? The Tostidos Bowl or a church bulletin bragging that Thrivent matched the $147.53 made at the recent Junk for Jesus sale in the Fellowship Hall?

Doubtless the apostates fear that clergy and laity
will read this quotation with discernment and balk at synoical leadership.

This Luther quotation post has 100,000 views now. I apologize to everyone offended by it.

This collection of Lutheran quotations has 22,000 views. Sorry. I know Fuller and Mars Hill and the Crystal Cathedral have so much more to offer in a positive, edifying, and spiritual sense. And there is always Rome or the safe harbor of Eastern Orthodoxy. Lutheran bloggers today are true ecumenists - they love every confession of faith except their own.

The top two posts, ever since I started blogging, are quotations from Luther and from famous Lutheran leaders - including CFW Walther and F. Pieper. I would stop quoting Lutherans so much if the overpaid and underworked synodical presidents tried their hand at it from time to time.

The synod presidents could silence me simply

  • by teaching justification by faith, 
  • by emphasizing the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace, 
  • by quoting the Confessions, 
  • by insisting on the historic liturgy and the classic Christian hymns. 

They could let their buddies go to prison instead of protecting them. But no - they would rather fill their bellies and give me topics for this little blog.