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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day-Lily in the Garage -
Stella D'Oro Daylily

Dutch Gardens is my favorite catalog for fall bulbs, aka hardy bulbs. Those are the bulbs that need cold to complete their blooming cycle: tulip, daffodil, etc.

DG gave me a plant I forgot to dig in with the fall bulbs. I found it in the garage, and it looked good, so I planted it yesterday. Stella D'Oro is a popular yellow day lily, a category sold with tender (spring planted) bulbs.

It gets confusing. Tender bulbs need to be dug up again, but day lilies just sit there and multiply in clumps. Every so often they are dug up and divided. Day lilies are easy care flowers and bloom often - beautiful for a day, as the official day lily name states.

If you want specific seeds, roses, and plants for the spring, order them now and enjoy the special offers they give to gardening addicts. Some things will not be available later - such as Double Delight and Peace roses, scarlet runner beans (for the hummingbirds), and other favorites.