Rob BellIn 2011, I wrote a series of posts on the enfant terrible of Evangelical Protestantism Rob Bell.
His universalist book, Love Wins, had just been published: there is no hell and God loves everyone.
Today — 2014 — he has another book out, The Zimzum of Love: A New Way of Understanding Marriage. He co-wrote it with his wife Kristen.
Zimzum (tzimtzúm in Hebrew) means contraction. In Kabbalah it refers to:
The self-imposed “withdrawal” of a part of God to enable the creation of the universe, as described by Isaac Luria.


GJ - Note the twisted smile, so much like Mark Jeske's. The emergent church types flame out quickly and advance the cause of apostasy. 
WELS will probably be a small Unitarian sect by 2030, engulfed in lawsuits. That is the fate of groups that pursue ecumenism and abhor confessions of faith.

The ambiguous smile comes from a conflicted personality.