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Monday, December 8, 2014

Horst Gutsche Phoned To Confirm His Work with CLC Pastor David Koenig

Pastor Horse Gutsche claims he does not belong to any denomination,
but he is serving an ELCiC congregation in Canada.
He confirmed on the phone that he worked with CLC Pastor David Koenig
on the conference in Germany.

The Church of the Lutheran Confession (sic) pretends to be a "confessional Lutheran" church body. They should confess their relationship with Horst W. Gutsche,

Horst W. Gutsche, pastor
St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church at Mystery Lake
c/o 4908 - 43A Street, Barrhead, Alberta T7N 1J5
Tel.: 780 674 3944

Gutsche has as much trouble with the truth as the Church of the Lutheran Confession does, so they have that much in common. He pretends to be innocent, telling me a fanciful tale about opening his trunk in front of some kids in Needles, California. According to Horst, the kids saw a rope and ran away. Soon he was in the slammer - a gross misunderstanding, Ja? He was ordered to register as a sex offender and stay away from minors. He did not mention the part about them being in his motel room - and there is much more to the story besides.

Gutsche shouted at me that "the charges were dismissed." So misleading. Here is one definition of dismissal - "A dismissal simply means that the matter is no longer before the court, i.e. the court case is over." That is not the same as saying it never happened. When a bankruptcy is dismissed, the court is no longer presiding over the terms, which can stretch out for years. The end of the case is a dismissal, not denial that it ever happened.

Horst had been on probation and registered as a sex offender, so he was still in the court system at that point. After the case was dismissed and no longer active in the system, he was still prohibited from holding public office. Horst still has to disclose his conviction any time he is applies for public office or a license. "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" is a common question in all matters pertaining to the public, since a license of any kind implies official approval of that individual. Has Horst been convicted of a crime with minor boys? Yes.

Horst used the term "dismissal" on the phone to claim he was innocent. In fact, he phoned a second time that day to offer to send me proof of the dismissal. He obtained my cell phone number, but he did not seem aware of the official court documents I posted on this blog. When I told Horst I had the documents, he was not pleased.

The Church of the Lutheran Confession wrote up their conference in Germany, but forgot to mention Horst Gutsche's participation and help.

In fact, David Koenig Hisself forgot to mention his convict pal Horst Gutsche in his report about the German conference.

CLC Pastor David Koenig prosecutes anyone who
dares to question the Church Growth Movement or
its advocates in WELS - his buddies.
Why does Koenig work with Horst Gutsche?
CLC Pastor Paul Tiefel, cousin of James (below)
joins Koenig in their pursuit of anyone to the right of Mark Jeske.
The two are known for always causing trouble and never listening to anyone.

WELS worship professor James Tiefel is an argument
for using grape juice for Holy Communion.
His lawyer made his drunk driving arrest go away,
so "it never happened" in WELS parlance.
I copied the original records into this blog,
because WELS is so good at flushing things down the memory hole.

ELCiC Bishop Susan Johnson -
Is Horst Gutsche one of your pastors?
Why is he serving one of your congregations?