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Monday, December 22, 2014

Romeward Bound - Another ELCA Leader Kisses the Shoes of the Fisherman.
Is McCain Next?

Paul McCain used part of this painting, without his approving stance,
in his heavily plagiarized blog, which is now extinct and erased.
Neuhaus impressed him too.
Russell Satzmann has dropped the mask and joined the Church of Rome, after being an editor of Lutheran Forum, serving in ELCA, and moving to Ye Olde ELCA, aka The Bishop's Synod, aka NALC.

Here is his unfascinating account.

The late Richard J. Neuhaus, formerly of the LCMS, then AELC, then ELCA, continues to have a gigantic and inexplicable effect on influential Lutherans joining Rome as a priest.

Neuhaus was a gracious person, much more pleasant and consistent than Herman Otten, who worked dishonestly with McCain.

Supposedly these guys all want pure Lutheran doctrine, but they are all allergic to it. Otten was happy to make money from the most vile and error-filled books about Luther. He never answered me, but he told another person, "I sell to both sides of the issue."

"Buy my Roman Catholic books. Buy my Calvinist books.
Buy my ELCA books. Buy my Baptist books.
Buy my Church Growth books.
I refuse to mention or list Lutheran books."

Luther pointed out, long ago, what we should do with pastors who are not studious. I volunteer to supply the ammo from Sassy.