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Monday, December 22, 2014

Too Good Not To Quote Verbatim

WELS leaders still think justification by faith
is a horrible error they must attack and reject.

Thanks for your comments WDs! Good to hear your own views. Re: Salem, I've been told that I missed a reference in their material to the BoC. If I did I apologize. I just read through the material posted here for the third time. I still don't see it. Perhaps the person who contacted me thought I was referring to more material on the church's site. I wasn't. I was only talking about the specific document here - their "values" as listed. Again, they are fairly good for the most part. If I missed something, I'm sorry. 

And I can tell you, President Schroeder still feels as he did when he became President. And he has made such clear in FiC and elsewhere numerous times. That he gets precious little support on this point from the CoP is not his fault. People need to do two things - contact him directly, and also make their concerns known to their DPs. It is not the SPs silence that's the problem, it's the silence of all those who claim to be unhappy about all the CoWo nonsense in the WELS. I'm sure that if hundreds of Pastors and thousands of laypeople objected publicly and loudly, they would not be ignored.

  1. Pastor Spencer--how do you expect a movement of "hundreds of pastors and thousands of laypeople" to get off the ground or come into being when movements of "dozens of pastors and scores of laypeople" objecting publicly and loudly, like Intrepid Lutherans, are squelched with nary a word from the SP?
  2. There were two circuit pastors at the first and last Intrepid convention, Paul Rydecki and Steve Spencer. Soon there was only one, because Jon-Boy Buchholz kicked Rydecki out while lying to his congregation about continuing the discussion. Spencer started the Intrepid Lutherans and bailed out -not my definition of intrepid.

  3. WELS Discussed has a good point. So how will this movement get started? Who will start it and get it off the ground? The funny thing about WELS is they either kick you out or ignore you in public until you either shut up or leave. Squelch is too kind of a word for what happened to the Intrepid's, mugged in a dozen different back alleys and left for dead is more like it. (Perhaps a bit over the top but perhaps not. Names did seem to drop like flies from the Intrepid's clergy rolls once the pressure started to be applied.) So okay the SP doesn't have a lot of real authority over the DP's, or for that matter the rest of the synod's machinery, but he should have a great deal of moral authority and the bully pulpit to cry out a warning. Why doesn't he use it loudly and clearly? Why doesn't he call for a great open debate? Silence is Complicity and so is a whispered warning from the watchman.

GJ - It is doubly ironic that WELS Pastor Steve Spencer named the group - Intrepid Lutherans - and bailed out on them. Doubtless his classmate and pal, the infallible Mark Schroeder (ex cathedra) ordered the shut-down. 

In contrast, under the wobbly and uncertain trumpet call of the SP, Church and Change has grown into a dozen different groups and owns the agenda of the sect.