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Friday, December 5, 2014

WELS Documented - DP Jon Buchholz Caves Again to the Jeske Mob -
So Does the Coven of Presidents.
But He Was Like Granite on UOJ

We trust that Koine will get their usual $3,000 fee to show up,
plus the chance to sell their dubious musical monstrosities.

Friday, December 5, 2014

DP Buchholz Responds to Christian Leadership Experience

District President Jon Buchholz responds to his involvement with the 2015 Christian Leadership Experience.

Arizona - California District WELS Report of the District President 
October  2014

2015  Christian  Leadership  Experience.
A  number  of  parasynodical  organizations  are  sponsoring  a  Christian  Leadership Experience  (CLE)  in  Scottsdale,  Arizona,  to  be  held  January  9-11,  2015.  I  was  asked  to  do  the  opening  worship  service  for  the conference,  and  initially  I  agreed  to  do  so.  When  the  web  site  was  published,  however,  and  some  of  the  initial  promotional material  for  the  conference  was  brought  to  my  attention  by  pastors  in  our  district,  I  asked  the  conference  organizers  to  be  permitted  to  withdraw  from  participation.  My  concerns  stemmed  primarily  from  the  teaching  roles  that  women  were  being placed  into,  in  which  it  appeared  that  they  would  be  teaching  scriptural  truths  to  men;  the  use  of  outside,  non-WELS speakers  to  address  the  assembled  church  on  leadership;  and  some  egregious  language  from  the  church  growth  movement.  

Since  withdrawing  from  participation  in  the  conference,  I  have  meet  with  representatives  of  the  conference  organizers  both by  phone  and  face to face  to  discuss  these  concerns,  and  two  conference  representatives  met  with  the  entire  COP.  Several  of the  promotional  abstracts  on  the  conference  website  have  been  rewritten.  I  am  completely  confident  that  the  conference  organizers  have  good  intentions  and  want  to  make  the  CLE  a  positive experience  to  help  with  leadership  development  in  the WELS.  I  was  asked  by  a  member  of  my  own  congregation  if  there  were  any  barriers  to  promoting  the  event  in  the congregations  of  the  Phoenix  Valley,  and  I  am  aware  of  none.  More  information  about  the  event  is  available  at

District Report:

--end of report--

2015 Christian Leadership Experience: Grow. Lead. Impact.

A Christian leadership event focused on: Organizational Leadership, Global Health Ministry and Mission Volunteerism.

Christian Leadership Experience

The 2015 Christian Leadership Experience is a gathering of Christ focused service organizations to exchange ideas on a variety of leadership topics. This joint effort of Grace In Action, Kingdom Workers, The Lutheran Home Association, Time of Grace and Truth in Love Ministry together with the Antioch Foundation will have something to offer everyone. The goal is to provide tangible, real world leadership tools which attendees could implement in their home congregations and communities immediately.

We are working with world class speakers, presenters and facilitators. This diverse group has extensive experience in cross-cultural ministry, using technology to spread the Gospel, health ministry, and much more. There will be workshops on transformational leadership of churches, public health initiatives and funding campaigns for building projects.

    Heretics, Church and Changers. Women Ordination Advocates
    ELCA wannabees
    Unionists, Peculators,
    Young professionals, business & ministry leaders and aspiring leaders
    Health workers of all disciplines
    All interested in participation in mission work
    Congregation Presidents and leaders
    Those interested in cutting edge evangelism techniques
    Everyday Christians who want to learn about letting your light shine in a secural world
    Anyone working in a cross-cultural setting
    Anyone who will pay the fee
    Anyone who can fog a mirror - seriously


DP Buchholz sold his soul in 2005 when he gave his blasphemous conference paper on Justification to the WELS called workers and clergy attending the Convention.  In that paper he went to war with Christ and His chief article of one Justification solely by the gracious gift of faith in Christ alone.  He also presented the most blatantly contradictory statements promoting justification, the forgiveness of sins, without faith and then confirming Scripture doesn't teach what he was peddling.  Unsuccessful at completely dislodging faith in Christ from within his district he executed a flanking move on God's only Son by excommunicating faithful and Confessional Pastor Paul Rydecki from the WELS in 2012 - splitting his congregation in the process.  Buchholz has shown himself to be a hireling and goat herder.  No surprise that he continues to be the lick-spittle of the apostate crowd in the so-called Lutheran denominations and WELS in particular.

In Christ,

Brett Meyer