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Saturday, December 6, 2014

To Predict Lutheran Synod Losses - Look at the Episcopalian Church.
Abominations Continue Unabated by Common Sense or the Scriptures

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
December 5, 2014
Before we end the year, it is important to tell the one single truth about the Episcopal Church that no one else will tell you: the pansexualists, who have driven the agenda over the past 40 years, have had just one goal -- the complete emancipation of the Episcopal Church from biblical morality and traditional sexual ethics. They don't care about what it costs, the damage they have caused, the consequences of their actions or the Church's ultimate demise. 

Beginning with Louie Clay (nee Crew), the one goal has been to destroy Christian marriage as we know it and usher in an age of (pan)sexual inclusivity that "broadens" marriage to make it mean whatever you want it to mean and thereby declare victory that God has spoken in and through General Convention resolutions (but not necessarily the Holy Spirit) and thus turn the Church upside down on sexuality.

By any standard, it has been an enormous success. They don't care if, in the course of pushing their sexual agenda, The Episcopal Church dies; they really don't care. They will have gotten what they wanted and to hell with anything else. Those parishioners still sitting in the pews will have been so dumbed down they won't know what has happened to them, even when the last geriatric is carried out of the last parish in a pine box, the final prayers said and the church doors are forever shuttered.

For pansexualists their identity is> their sexuality. It is not to be found in Christ. He has nothing to do with it. Their identity is totally caught up in what they think they are. They have become blinded by sex as the all-embracive issue; the future existence of the church be damned.

Most modern historians agree that within a generation there will be little that is left of The Episcopal Church. The deeper truth is that the pansexualists don't care if the Church dies; it is not their problem. Those gay and lesbian bishops and priests who have bought into and pushed the sodomist agenda will have either retired on fabulous pensions or died; it will be too late to repent. Spong's theological revolution will also die with him, never more to be remembered except as a footnote to an historian's bibliography. Future archaeologists will marvel that a Church could set out to destroy itself.

Full time Church Positions in The Episcopal Church have dropped by 20%. Part-time clergy has risen by 10%, the Church Pension Group reports.
The combination of the two trends is changing the landscape of work and retirement for clergy. First, the proportion of part-time and bi-vocational clergy has been steadily increasing. CPG data indicates that the number of part-time clergy has increased by 10% in the last five years, while the number of full-time positions has fallen by 20%.
Second, the increase in late ordinands is even more marked. In 1980, 63% of those ordained to the priesthood were under 35, and fewer than 5% were over 55. By 2013, only 23% of those ordained were under 35, and nearly 40% were 55 or older.
From such little acorns at Northwestern College

do great big rotten oaks grow.
GJ - I link Virtue Online because it is well written and constantly updated. More importantly, all the trends David Virtue tracks in the Episcopal Church are visible in the Lutheran synods.

The WELS DPs are better friends with ELCA than they are with their own clergy and members. 

The Jeske mob has complete control of WELS, just as the equivalent bunch manages the LCMS. SP Mark Schroeder is just as useful and compliant as Gurgle was before him. 

The ELCA leaders - seated - American and Canadian,
are progressive and sensitive and all that,
so why is CLC associate Horst W. Gutsche working for them?