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Friday, January 23, 2015

If Anonymous Says Something Worthwhile, It Will Be the First Time -
But...Sob...He Is Going! Bad Spelling and All

Anonymous is so wise, so wonderful -
why does he not share his name?

I am tremendously disappointed in this blog site. I thought you would be sharing ideas and events in other WELS congregations. Instead, you are simply regurgitating the complaints and gripes that have been expressed on other sites. Some of those no longer exist. [GJ - And why is that, anon? Were they forced to shut down by threats from those who patiently use God's Word to cover up for felons, drunks, adulterers, and peculators?]

You are addressing the very same things that Greg Jackson puts on his site, Ichabod. I think of WELS Documented now as no different than his, except you don't have the goofy insane pictures. 

And then the resident WELS Romanizing pastor, Steve Spencer, who calls himself "Father," shows up on this site, too, like he has on all the others. I'm just waiting for you to deny universal objective justification

What you and others are doing is simple: you are impatient with the means God's Word gives us to resolve problems. You are impatient with the procedures we have established in the WELS to resolve issues. So you are trying to make an end run and deal with these matters on your own. Good-bye, so-long, auf Wiedershehen (sic), farewell.

They spell badly in English and German.
Can they be trusted with theology?