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Friday, January 23, 2015

WELS Documented Blog Records the Sect's Abusive and Hypocritical Behavior

WELS Synodicat demonstrates how to instill obedience and humility in pastors.

I spoke out once and I received a forced resignation during my vicar year. I would not marry a couple that my bishop asked me to marry. He asked me to lie and forge his signature on the marriage license (he was going on vacation the week of the wedding). The next thing I know I was accused of dividing the congregation, undermining his authority, not agreeing with church fathers, changing sermons in the pulpit, the list goes on.

After a year of emails, calls, and meeting, I was told that I did not possess the qualifications to serve in the pastoral ministry. I asked for specifics and i was told to consider 1 Timothy 3 and the Ten Commandments. I tried attending Bethany Lutheran Seminary but was not allowed to attend because the President of Bethany Lutheran Seminary did not receive a recommendation from WLS... I asked him he if had received any reasons as to why I was not suitable for the ministry. He told me the answer he received was "unknown reasons."
I even had MLC professors ask WLS professors as to why I was not allowed back. The answers they received, "they didn't know."
Which contradicts the emails I received which said the faculty discussed my future ability to attend WLS and said that I was not qualified.

If you ask i can forward the emails to anyone who wishes. My former classmates have not even talked to me since the incident. My former Pastor wouldn't even ask why I wasn't allowed back to continue my studies but told me to accept the answers from the seminary since they were far wiser men than he.

So I left the WELS. Yep, I'm was tired of getting the runaround for doing the right thing so I left. I'm much happier now, I will never trust another Pastor in my lifetime but that's me and my situation.

I have church services right here in my living room with my family and I pray that I can teach my daughter not only what Jesus has done for us but to have the courage to do the right thing when the situation comes.
Or try asking your called worker wife to explain what is going on between her and the Pastor and see what happens. A called worker wife who was already caught cheating & lying threw her teeth about it twice. And one of those incidences resulted in a forced resignation from a previous call for cheating with a Pastor only because I had documented evidence. Suddenly, she claims to be the lifelong victim of abuse. And factor that her daddy works at synod headquarters and her brother is the principal at the church/school. And her brother straight faced told me when I was going to divorce her... "God hates divorce," "And he personally hates seeing broken homes on campus." And I was already pre-judged for being in violation of the 8th commandment by the CP for doing exactly what I am doing now. You want documentation? I have plenty. You want names? I would be more than willing to provide them.

GJ - These are but indications of the normal conduct of abusive WELS pastors. I could list many more, but people fear retaliation against their family members or complete abandonment by their families. WELS leaders have no trouble initiating whisper campaigns against anyone who crosses them. Because the clergy are so cowardly, they shrink back or even join with the Slander Machine managed by the Love Shack. It is so much fun to say, "I hear that..."

They do not like my signed articles and use guilt by association with anyone who employs more than a dozen brain cells at once. But what does the Synod President do? He has a "confidential conversation" and makes the other party swear never to reveal a word. What a convenient way to poison the well.

It goes back to CFW Walther, their hero. He blamed Martin Stephan's adultery on Mrs. Stephan. He broke with Loehe, perhaps because Loehe developed healthy strong leaders for America rather than pimping a bevy of young girls for a lusty, diseased bishop. The victors write the history, but Walther wanted no history written at all - ever wonder why?