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Monday, January 5, 2015

Martin Luther College's Transgender Graduate (December, 2014) - Zak Stowe's Friend - Has Some Requests

Amber Noel Birner

Sam Birner, Martin Luther College graduate, December, 2014

I figured I'd clear up some things for your post directly from me and just add some stuff :)

1. My boyfriend and hormone treatments were kept secret from any of the college administration and workers and such. I was very careful about it and kept it hidden. If somehow any of the college workers *did* know, I didn't know they knew, nor would I have any clue how they knew.

2. I'm sure you won't because of your position on the issue, but I figure I'd try asking nicely just in case, would you mind using feminine pronouns when talking about me? Figured I'd at least try asking :)

3. You or anyone else that wants to discuss the issue of transgenderism with me can feel free to message me on facebook or email me at this email ( I'm totally willing to talk, including with those that disagree with me or believe I'm wrong

4. Just a comment, I do enjoy your critiques of Jeske, how the Rydecki situation was handled, and the whole cover up of the sexual harassment issues and such. Spot on :)


Dear Sam,

I would like to be addressed as Maestro - The Genius of the Pipe Organ...but I am not even a musician. I took private lessons, but no one would call me a musician, certainly not Maestro.

Neither are you a woman because you are taking some female hormones and want to be female. That is not my position on the issue - it is medicine's position.

I appreciate your politeness, which is far different from others in your former sect.

Thanks for posting links to Ichabod twice on Facebook. I saw the other link, too - on WELS GLBTQ and Allies.

You said you were leaving WELS, but you seem to have a lot of allies already in the synod.