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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zak Stowe's Friend from Martin Luther College - WELS.
Sam Birner To Become "Amber Noel Birner" -
And Says to Zak Stowe, "I Caught Your Gay."

WELS GLBTQ and Allies on Facebook

I am transgender and once this status is a couple of days old I will be changing my name on here to Amber Noel Birner.
I know it’s a confusing thing for some people, and most of you probably have never talked to a trans person. So, first of all, please feel free to ask me questions to help you understand, I’m always open to educating people 
I know people tend to skip over statuses if they don’t look interesting, so I wanted to make the point very clear and the first thing seen, and now for explanation.

I have been hiding for far too long in my life. Not just from all of you, but from myself. The feelings have always been there. I can recall feelings all the way back to 5 years old. I have had a lot of grief over the issues. I have faced harassment and depression because of them. I have been driven to the brink of suicide multiple times, both in high school and in college. And finally, I realized that if I don’t do something about the feelings, they will literally kill me.

I have never felt aligned with my gender, I have always felt uncomfortable in my body. I never knew quite why, but I just did not ever like what I saw in the mirror. It horrified me every day. I would spend nights lying awake, crying, and just self-loathing over the thoughts. It wasn’t a “gay phase” or that I’m just gay. This is nothing to do with my sexuality, this is to do with me. And it took me until a year and a half ago to finally admit to myself what was going on.

Since I have accepted this, things have improved significantly. Just the admittance itself gave me great relief and confidence. When I first came to terms with it I started exercising, I was sleeping better and more “on schedule” and was generally happier. I have had a boyfriend for the past year who has supported me every step of the way in this journey. And now, exactly 13 weeks ago, I began hormone replacement therapy so my body will produce less testosterone and run more on estrogen and progesterone. Never have I felt more like myself. It is the happiest, most confident, and just generally most content with myself I have ever felt. It was like something clicked in my brain, and it all made way more sense.

And so, it is with that that I tell you I will no longer be lying to you all, or to myself, about who I am. I will change my name on here to Amber Noel Birner. I am not a confused man, or a gay man, or someone afraid to be gay, I am not a man becoming a woman or pretending to be a woman. I have always been a woman. The only difference now is that I am one that is finally accepting who she is.


Requests from Sam Birner, sent to Ichabod

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  • Sam Birner Also, people I tagged in this, I tagged you because you all are just a few of the amazing support I've had this past year, and I can't thank you enough for that 
    4 hrs · Like · 4
  • Aaron Pretzer You're welcome! 
    4 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
  • Segun David Delu So i only have two questions. One why did u decide to have noel be ur middle name? And two does this mean ur no longer going to be in the WELS?
    4 hrs · Like
  • Sam Birner 1. I just like how it sounds  Like, honestly, that's literally the only reason, it just sounds nice
    2. Correct
    4 hrs · Like · 1
  • Segun David Delu Very well then..... Actually now i have a follow up question. Do u still consider urself a believer in Christ?
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  • Zachary Bambach I'm so happy for you!!!
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Segun David Delu Well. Ok then. I wish u the best! I hope u find more peace in ur life with this decision. 
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Laura Natalie Hogg Okay, now I'm all teary-eyed. I'm so incredibly proud of you, Amber, and it's a privilege to know you. 
    4 hrs · Like · 3
  • Sam Birner If I get bigger boobs than you I'm gonna have back problems O.O
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Scott Cooper I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Nothing in the world can be better than being who you truly are. You are a beautiful person, and loved by many. Never ever forget that
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Nathaniel Birner Seriously?! Not Samantha?!
    4 hrs · Like · 3
  • Sam Birner Haha, sorry to disappoint 
    4 hrs · Like · 1
  • Sam Birner But really though, the reason I didn't go with "Samantha" is because "Sam" is still kinda really tied to "guy me" which was making it harder to move on from
    4 hrs · Like · 2
  • Nathaniel Birner Makes sense
    4 hrs · Like
  • Vaun Niklaus Christiansen hell yeah buddy 
    3 hrs · Like · 2
  • Ryan Palone Very nicely spoken! I wish I could be so eliquent in my speeches!  you know im rooting for you hun!  i pretty much abandoned this account for my alt one..tho i should probably come out on this one too..
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  • Joshua Hendricks We used to talk a lot more than we do now Amber, but I still stand with you.
    3 hrs · Like · 2
  • Celia Eats Tacos I dont know you, but I know a friend of yours and I just wanted to say YAY! Good for you, Amber. You deserve happiness and there will be support for you every step of the way!
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  • Celia Eats Tacos Oops. tagged wrong. Haha
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  • Sam Birner Gah, Everyone's gonna make me cry! My boyfriend's sitting here with me watching the comments come in and I'm like "Ahhhhhh "
    3 hrs · Like · 4
  • Rick Scharf I have seen you grow up and I think it's hard for a lot of people to understand. I also know people couldn't understand my decisions all the time either. I think we all spend so much time trying to fit in and do what other people think we should do. At some point you lose yourself. Life is a great struggle and especially when you struggle with yourself. Im just glad you have found and accepted who you are. God still loves you and so do your friends and family.
    3 hrs · Like · 8
  • Sam Birner And a bunch of people I don't or barely know and people I haven't talked to since gradeschool! Ahhhh! Everyone's so awesome!
    3 hrs · Like · 1
  • Jordan Blythe Proud of you my friend
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  • Sandy Lane Sam, as long as you are honest with yourself and true to God that's all that matters. We all have different paths to take and different journeys to go on and, imo, shouldn't judge each other on the steps that are taken. They are your steps, and yours alone, and only you and God know what's best.  As an accepting friend of yours for a few years now I wish you all the best and peace.
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  • Celia Eats Tacos Oh my god. I want to cry. I see all of these REAL Christians being accepting and honoring your choices brings me peace. I am so freaking happy. You are all amazing. With all this Justice for Leelah Alcorn talk, it makes me so happy to see so many positive people. Please keep loving each other, because all you have is each other. Stuff goes away, but people stay. Kudos.
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  • Kaitlyn Lavaun Bannister THAT'S MY GIRL!!! I'll love you no matter what. And you'll always be the same person I went to highschool with. Your gender won't change how much i love you as a person. And i'll be here if you need me. I am so proud of you for being true to yourself.
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