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Friday, February 27, 2015

Delusions of Orthodoxy Remain in WELS - Even on the WELS Documented Blog

Jeske's 2014 Change or Die! Circus -WELS, ELCA, LCMS

I don't think you erred, necessarily, but neither should you expect that you have joined a synod with no issues. There are probably fewer of these manifestly unjust, unscriptural issues in the WELS than the LCMS. But our weakness as a synod is that because we might be *better* we are very tempted to pretend we're *perfect* (this will be objected to, of course, but few WELS pastors would be willing to say publicly that the synod has gotten anything of any consequence "wrong" in living memory, while many LCMS pastors are perfectly willing to do so). There is simply less independent thinking, which works OK so long as everyone actively agrees to be identifiably, genuinely Confessional Lutheran, but is not so great when the ways of the world start to creep in from the top, not the bottom (few rank-and-file WELS pastors went to study church growth at Fuller Seminary, for example--it was professors and leaders, or those whose ambition to be professors and leaders has since in large part been fulfilled).

Mark Jeske is far more significant and damaging than Matthew Becker.

Matthew Becker could probably not happen in the WELS today. A relatively low-ranking pastor teaching at a non-training school, such as him, would be swiftly tossed for so publicly flouting synod leadership--although I think if he were well-connected and taught his stuff quietly in a sympathetic congregation, it's quite possible that he would last for quite a while, perhaps with a few "disfellowshipped" objecting laymen as collateral damage. By the same token, though, I don't think WELS rank-and-file pastors and laypeople would have the intestinal and doctrinal fortitude to be able to carry out a housecleaning at the seminary such as the LCMS was able to do during the Seminex controversy.

GJ - Where to start? Mark Jeske is the media guy recognized nationally by WELS and the LCMS while tying them together with ELCA in his managed conferences, funded by Thrivent or the Siebert Foundation or both.

Jeske's dogma is warmed-over Joel Osteen coaching and boosterism. Mrs. Ichabod puts it on to annoy me. Without listening or watching, I begin to feel the pain in five minutes.

No one wants to deal with Jeske shoveling millions to ELCA to help fund their abortion-driven sect, or Thrivent funding Planned Parenthood. Certain Lutherans discoverd that - with dramatic shock - and failed to mention how this blog revealed the same more than five years ago (thanks to Brett Meyer).

The only discipline in WELS is shutting down dissent, as previously shown, and selectively kicking out justification by faith. 

If I need to mention:
  • Tim Glende
  • Ski
  • Paul Kelm
  • Jeff Gunn
  • Adam Mueller
  • John Parlow
  • Steve Witte
  • John Parlow
  • Larry Olson
  • Jim Huebner
  • David Valleskey
  • or a few dozen others...

                  Then you have not been reading.

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