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Sunday, February 8, 2015

His Excellency, Jay Webber, Former Headmaster of the Mini-Seminary in the Ukraine, Is Preparing a Major Paper on UOJ.
Questions for Webber and His Catechumen, Jon Buchholz.
Boycott the Emmaus Conference

Boycott the Emmaus Conference

WELS Discussions about the Trans-Jennered MLC graduate:

David Jay Webber "I'm not able to participate to a great extent in this group right now, since I’m busy working on a big conference paper,"

Questions for Jay Webber, ELS, STM Candidate:

  1. Do you feel Marvin Schwan was responsible for his first wife's death? How could you and Shep take money from him and his foundation in good conscience?
  2. You were opposed to Thoughts of Faith (ELS/WELS) working directly with Floyd Luther Stolzenburg in Columbus. What made you switch sides? Was it because you began working with John Shep (now ELCA) in the Ukraine and would benefit from the extra funds?
  3. If you knew that Stolzenburg was forced to resign from the LCMS ministry and refused colloquy in the WELS, why were you and Shep willing to work with his Masonic congregation in Columbus?
  4. How was Kovaciny able to act as bagman for Thoughts of Faith at Stolzenburg's church and among WELS congregations at the same time?
  5. Can you harmonize a pro-life position with that compromise?
  6. If Church Growth is so bad, as you always claimed in the past, why were you so willing to work with the founder of "WELS First Church Growth Agency - LPR"?
  7. Even worse, why are you eager to work with Jon Buchholz, who is the enabler of Emergent Church guru Jeff Gunn - Church and Change poster boy?
  8. Do you still advocate giving communion to ELCA members, "because it is easier than way" - as you claimed?
  9. Do you really think Justification Without Faith is revealed in the Word of God? That Stephan's dogma from Halle University is the Chief Article of Christianity, the Master and Prince of all others? Were St. Paul and Luther wrong about justification?
  10. How is anything in your career in line with Biblical, Lutheran doctrine?

Someone created this new cornerstone for Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.
The last line is so true - Without Faith.

UOJ means Church Growth (Valleskey)
and prison time for DP Edward Werner.

Do Webber and Buchholz agree thatall sins are forgiven all people - past, present, and future?
WELS Meditations

Questions for Jon Buchholz, WELS District President

  1. How did you manage to study Jeff Gunn's Emergent Church in Phoenix for years, while criticizing Church Growth, and end up endorsing him and sitting with him at conferences?
  2. How did you finesse signing the Net petition against Mark Jeske awhile endorsing him on the synod convention floor? We all saw and heard your speech, our jaws dropping.
  3. Why did you write that Rick Johnson's attitude toward worship "chapped your hide" yet gave him a huge synod grant. If he is so good, why does he not give money to the synod instead of absorbing even more offering money from others?
  4. Why did you leave your Des Moines, Washington parish crippled with debt (encouraged by Church and Changers) and move to Tempe? That was so Tim Glende of you.
  5. Where does a DP get the license to lie to a congregation, saying, "We will to continue to study justification at the upcoming conference" - when you were planning to expel Pastor Paul Rydecki immediately - by email?
  6. At that conference, how could anyone with a brain brag about foreclosing on the mortgage of Pastor Rydecki's congregation? Is that legal, moral, ethical, or Christian?
  7. Why do you need Jay Webber's help in promoting the UOJ of Halle University and that syphilitic bishop Martin Stephan?
  8. Have you even opened Thy Strong Word, which was given to you by Brett Meyer years ago?
  9. If UOJ is "settled dogma" as you claim, then why do WELS, Missouri, and the Little Sect need to have a pre-merger conference to promote it once again?
  10. Do you see a connection between Richard Jungkuntz' promotion of UOJ, his leadership of the first gay Lutheran seminary, and WELS' problems with homosexual clergy and file swappers like Joel Hochmuth?
  11. Gausewitz was a WELS pastor - Grace, Milwaukee. He was also the Synodical Conference president. How do explain the complete lack of UOJ in the original Gausewitz, replaced later by the Kuske dreckisch book of diagrams and false doctrine?
  12. Since you have a Missouri pastor there to back up WELS and the Little Sect on the Prairie, will you ask him why CPH's KJV Catechism has no UOJ at all, only Justification by Faith?

"Jon, you only have 11 more districts to go and WELS is pacified."
"Thanks, Jay. You can be my gunny sarge. Glad you left Kovo in Russia."