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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More Anonymous Whining from the WELS Grapevine.
Wadda Bunch of Crybabies

Actually, this selfie by Katy Perry came up when I googled Tim Glende's images.

More Whining from the WELS Grapevine

If a person would "Google" the names of some of our current and retired seminary professors, for example, on the top of every list will be Ichabod entries. What if someone would want to get a part-time job in their retirement, or even leave the ministry and work full-time in a secular field. What would a potential employer find when he would "Google" the former pastor's/professor's name? Would he want to hire someone who's picture has been plastered all over the internet with insane captions? This guy Jackson has done loads of harm in many ways.


GJ - The only thing that outrages WELS is the truth. They are not bothered by funding Planned Parenthood through Thrivent.

Working with ELCA does not annoy them, but if someone leaks the truth to this blog - horrors! Find the source and excommunicate him...or her.

Supporting another pan-religious organization - Mark Jeske, Inc - does not move them to post their outrage. One reason - they are afraid of retribution. Fear comes from lack of faith.

When a sect teaches against faith long enough, rationalism takes over completely. Every answer is rationalistic, from Mission/Vision statements to switching over to secular music and bombastic Babtist songs.

The death rattle can already be heard. All the Changers can get any call they want. Mark Schroeder takes care of them. Some get two calls at once - like heresiarch Paul Calvin Kelm. 

MLC protects the Changers from this blog by keeping the Evangelism Day list top secret.

Do WELS minders mind that Church and Changer Adam Mueller
cross-dresses with his council members at the congregation picnic
and has children put women's makeup on the men?
That is right out of Brain-Washing 101.