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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tears Springing from My Eyes - WELS Documented Blog Comments Go Full Ichabod

WELS is a sect where DP Patterson throws drunken parties for women
as "spiritual retreats" and they bet on which newbie will puke her guts out first.
This is an abusive group where the seminarians grope each other under their choir robes, and Professor Tiefel smiles.
So yes, your fatuous accusations cause me fountains of tears -
tears of laughter.

  1. I suppose I should thank those who have attempted to defend me on this forum, so "thanks!" Your kind words are appreciated, but completely unnecessary, I assure you. I could not possibly care less about those who make anonymous comments, or even use their names, who haven't the foggiest idea of what they're talking about. They do not hurt me, offend me, or even bother me. I don't give them a first thought, much less a second. They are entitled to their narrow and uninformed opinion - as is so typical with the so-called "progressives" in our midst. Everyone must have their identical opinion on everything, otherwise they launch into various kinds of vitriol and invective, and show their spiritual and emotional immaturity. On the other hand, I believe they can think and say and do whatever they want. I just wish they wouldn't call themselves "Lutherans," because that they are not - IMHO. But, that's just me. Y'all have a nice day!
  2. Yep, this conversation made it on Ichabod already. See what I mean?
  3. It made it on Ichabod. Highly likely once his name was mentioned. So what?

    He serves a purpose. Would I be as caustic as Ichabod? No, it tends to turn people off who might benefit if they listened. On the other hand excepting the dispute regarding UOJ and JBFA is there a problem with his theology? Is he truthful in his comments? Has he lied about anything on his website?

    So give me a break regarding Ichabod, it's an excuse.

    Eine arme Schaf
  4. He's lied about a whole lot of things on his site. Besides, he also messed up on election. I can't believe Jackson is being defended on this site. He's been booted out of how many church bodies and congregations? His current church consists of himself and his wife. Wake up.
  5. [GJ - Our services have been viewed 10,500 times. Our members visit and attend our services, and we are doing an every member visit this spring with worship. How many of your lazy drunken WELS pastors can say that?]
  6. If turn off all the lights in the room and light a candle and say "Ichabod" three times while staring into a mirror at midnight... your face in the mirror will be replaced by a badly composed PhotoShop picture with a stupid and unfunny pun printed over your head.
  7. Not trying to defend Ichabod; he can do that well enough on his own. The point I have been trying so inelegantly to make is similar to Joe Krohn's - discerning people will take what Ichabod says with a grain of salt as one should with most things on the web. The mythology that has sprung up around Ichabod and his reign of terror is a hundred times worse then the actual results. Are Pastor's told, like little children in some parts of the world, to be good or the Ichabod will get them? I don't understand the fear over an Ichabod copy and paste.

    Eine arme Schaf
  8. [GJ - Black Sheep, SP Mark Schroeder did threaten Engelbrecht with exposure about Ski on Ichabod, not that I needed his leaks to help me scoop everyone. So the threat is always there - the threat of telling the the truth, for once.]
Martin Luther College (WELS) men
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