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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Once Again - Tradition Is the Jumping Off Point

Michigan Lutheran Seminary, WELS,
has supplanted tradition with radicalism.

"Tradition is the democracy of the dead." When past saints are denied the vote, a tiny minority takes over in the name of improving the Church.

We can tell when a denomination is dead or dying when tradition no longer matters. Church and Change means, "We despise Christian tradition and adore our own opinions."

Change or Die means - "Traditional Christian faith and worship will kill our beloved pan-Lutheran identity."

Missouri began dying, without knowing it, by embracing a counter-Christian dogma: Universal Objective Justification. The bishop's spread of syphilis, his young female groupies with the clap - those were just were the obvious signs of something gone wrong. For CFW Walther, tradition was his Bishop Stephan - anything else was anathema sit!. As 29A said, "The got rid of a bishop and ended up with a pope, CFW Walther."

The Christian Church has traditionally taught justification by faith, which began with Abraham in the Old Testament, Genesis 15, and continued (sometimes undercover) ever since.

When we find church leaders who scoff at tradition and treat tradition as the enemy, then that group has become apostate.

The death spiral is marked by church leaders punishing and expelling traditional clergy.

Are they offended by young men doing girly-girl videos or by those who question this aberration?

Do they argue that only one person objects, that he is the cause of all their conflicts? 'Tis funny how many people they count as the "only person who feels that way."