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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Extra Entertainment

  • I have the right to ask Mr. Techlin to summarize in his own words what the doctrinal errors he was alleging to have been taught in his congregation without having to wade through 100 pages of documentation. Clarity is not always the result of prolixity. WHAT was/were the errors, please!
  • And likewise, he has the right to refer you to the many well-documented and thoroughly-composed statements he has also made on this issue, too, rather than submit to whatever "trap" you are attempting to lay for him here.

    I hope he does. 

    For anyone else reading--if you also have some interest in this question, but a bit more initiative than Mr. Malach, I encourage you to see Mr. Techlin's blog (and the links therein for more details) at:

  • GJ - Prolixity seems to be Warren Malach's biggest problem. No, reading comprehension is. He has not even read Lenski, so he sits at the computer in his mother's basement and pronounces judgment on a universally respected Biblical and doctrinal authority.
  • Malach is posting. All rise!