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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Springdale Post Office - Michelle Duggar.
Breaking Up the Ichabod Library

Michelle Duggar is the mom for 19 Kids and Counting.
They live in Tontitown, a few miles away.
Five years ago, we were watching 19 Kids and Counting on TV in Phoenix, and they were well known among my students there.

When we moved here, Mrs. Ichabod wanted to buy the replacement car from Josh Duggar's Champion Cars. Since John had a website, 29A suggested we buy a Lincoln Town Car. We had a leased car in Phoenix and that was over.

So we met Josh Duggar in Springdale, not far from our current home, and his wife, Anna. We settled on the white Lincoln Town Car which we still drive. 190,000 miles. When they had their first child, we had a little t-shirt made - "1 Kid and Counting."

At the Springdale Post Office I thought Michelle Duggar, the mom is the series, was a few customers ahead of me in the line. I tried to catch her eye, but I failed. Later some people asked her as she worked on a big pile of mail she was stamping. Her laugh gave her away.

I got my mail sent and walked Michelle as I left. She was still working on her mail. I said, "Hello Mrs. Duggar" and told her about buying our Town Car from Josh. She lit up and thought that was great. Moms always want to hear about their kids.

I said, "People pitied me for having that car five years ago. It still runs like a dream, and people now say - Suh-weet and Now that is a car!" That really tickled her.

We have paid for some repairs, naturally, but the yearly costs are very low and the gas mileage is great.

Breaking Up the Ichabod Library
Yesterday marked my last shipment from the Ichabod Library. I have reference books left and some favorites. I like passing on good books, so others can enjoy them.

Favorites I can never sell or give away:

  • The Wind in the Willows.
  • Anything by Martin Chemnitz.
  • What Luther Says.
  • Luther's Sermons,  edited by Lenker.
From time to time I give away Moby Dick, my favorite novel, and buy the same edition for a very low price. Why? I want others to appreciate it. I remember a college student raving about it after getting his free version from me. Easton Press gives the leather bound version of the  book away, and I saw it again at the Dickson Street store, near the U. of Arkansas. The book is online, which is how I quote it.

We are still giving away Angel Joy. Our neighbor wanted to share her copies but was afraid she would not get hers back. We have three extras for her to share with nurses.

Mrs. Ichabod gave two Angel Joys  away, for the chiropractors' staff, and they disappeared. The main chiropractor said, "I didn't get mine fast enough."

Some want The Wormhaven Gardening Book, which I may revise in the future. I give away print copies of Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant and Liberalism.