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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unrelenting Storm Systems North and East of This Area.
Uncommon Creation Garden Solutions

Barefoot, I am thinking, "If it gets any colder, I will need some slippers." We are escaping the extremes of cold, snow, and ice this year. The big storm warning has been modified to some snow and ice Sunday night. is more pessimistic, with one inch of snow predicted.

If you think weathermen are fickle, think of the gardening leaders. One had me planting carrots three weeks before the last frost, which would have been about three weeks ago. The package says, "After all danger of frost is gone."  That would be in another two weeks, but I would rather take the risk and plant early, unless it is something cold will kill instantly - egg plant and tomatoes at the top of that list.

Our helper is a sunshine warrior, wanting to work in perfect weather, but apart from carrot seed planting, not much needs to be done. The birds had a riot all day Saturday, with fresh baths and seed in the shirtsleeve weather  - 65 and sunny. My big projects were taking care of them and soaking the straw bales again.

The carrot seed order arrived - a total of 9,000 seeds, plus borage. I was so concerned about catching the sale that I did not look at the seed counts. Sassy and I walked one package of 1500 carrot seeds over to our neighbor with four daughters. A visiting cousin scared me with a plastic spider. I shivered and complained and said, "Do you like spiders?" He really did, so I promised an illustrate spider book. His sister asked for a book, so I went back with Sassy to find both. I had the spider book at the door already. In the chapel library was The Story of Jesus in Pictures, illustrated by Norma Boeckler. The kids grabbed their books and took off for home.

One reader sent this yesterday:
"My Photoshop skills completely pale in comparison to Norma Boeckler's artwork.  I hope she knows how much her efforts mean to your readers.  It feels like a lot of work to simply dabble as I have done.  Her art is a gift in its own right.  However, by her combining it with God's Word, it becomes so much more meaningful to every reader."

Mrs. Wright came over for tea with Mrs. Ichabod, and she commented on the growing garden. She saw the bulb flowers getting ready to emerge. Roses are her favorite, so she has an idea what is coming soon.

Uncommon Creation Garden Solutions

Here are some uncommon Creation solutions to garden issues:

Weeds - cover with newspapers and wood mulch. They turn into rich soil and a great place to plant.

Weeds in the sidewalk - use some saltwater. Weeds will dry up and not come back for a long time.

Bugs - mulching will promote spiders and birds. Both feed on bugs. I already have silky strands on my dormant roses.

Wasps - these are a solution, not a problem. We had them get into the house in Bella Vista, but they never bothered us. Wasps and hornets attack insect pests.

Soil fertility - add some red wigglers and mulch extensively. The earthworms and soil creatures will keep the useful organic elements in the root zone and make the soil rich, easy to work with.

Attracting birds and butterflies - think of many shallow pans of water, flat muddy places. I have about 10 locations with water. The Jackson Bird Spa needs fresh water twice a day now. The other shallow pans are renewed from the outside faucets: dump to clean, run the water faucet.

Unproductive flowering bushes - prune them as it warms up. Use the pruned branches cut up, as mulch (exception - roses). When there are grass clippings and chopped up leaves from mowing, rake them under the bushes for additional mulch. Wood mulch is also good. Drop a few red wigglers on the mulch. Trim twigs and dead wood from the bushes. Add some extra water when needed. People will be in awe of the show of flowers. Solar lights are a big plus - we use tiny LEDs in bushes and along the fenceline. Some use solar landscaping spots.

God has been managing His Creation for thousands of years. If man abandons an area, God's own weeds and animals reclaim it and make the soil rich again. In contrast, if man works an area with modern plowing and inorganic chemicals, the soil will die and blow away.

Zo - garden mit da German chemists, spend all your money, and wreck the soil. Or - let the Creator do His work, control the pests, attract the birds and butterflies, and enjoy the harvest of food, the profusion of flowers.