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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Various Plagiarism Links - Centered in Fox Valley, WELS

Sent by a reader, who added - "This is you."
He added - "
Time to give more reason to fear the truth."

Reverend John ThorpeThe first minister of record to preach here was a Calvinist minister, Reverend John Thorpe. Unfortunately soon after arriving in 1659, it became apparent he did not adhere to the gospel he preached. His shortcomings included addiction to strong drink, extreme profanity, and a foul disposition. In 1661, he was forbidden by court order to continue preaching.  GJ - Note - he was banned, not promoted. Read Jane's story here.

2008 Links

St. Mark DePere - removes evidence of plagiarism from their websty

GJ - St. Mark is the home of Church and Change, a political lobby funded by your offering money, WELS members. 

Creepy Plagiarism - Church and Changers Copy Each Other and Their False Teaching Idols

Church and Change Misbegotten Ideas - Including Ski from St. Marcus and Cross-Dressing Pastor Adam Mueller

Church and Change Board Member Ski Evacuates to Appleton

Another Coven of Changers Offering Their Toxins - Ski Again

You Must Read This - Parlow and Timmer Plagiarize Hybels Words and Emotions

WELS Pastor Adam Mueller -
From Church and Changer to Gender Bender.

2009 Links

The Rebels Guide To Plagiarism - How To Get Promoted from Round Rock to Asian Prof

Church and Change Conference in Appleton

2010 Links

 Change or Die - Seibert Foundation - Parlow and the ELCA LCMS Shrinkers

Parlow Plagiarism

Hilarious Kelm Graphic - From Anonymous - Not That One, Another Anonymous

More Fox Valley Plagiarism - From Intrepid Lutherans

Bethany Appleton Caught Plagiarizing Swindoll

Apology Erased from Bethany Websty

2011 Links

Why Did Pastor Christenson Leave St. Peter in Freedom after a Few Months?

Deep Sixing the Plagiarism Issue - Intrepids

2012 Links

Plagiarism from Paul McCain, MDiv

2013 Links

Intrepids - Steve Spencer - Afraid