Tuesday, March 17, 2015, is Churchmouse Campanologist‘s sixth birthday!
My sincere thanks to all my readers, subscribers, referrers and commenters! You help to make this site an interesting and worthwhile pursuit!
The past year produced a record number of views and subscribers. Thank you very much!
Although the vast majority of my readers come from the United States then Britain, there has always been a widespread group of non-English speakers.
Over the past year, those readers have translated my posts into Chinese, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Thai, Turkish, Romanian and Hungarian.
With regard to referrals, after search engines, my top ten between 2014 and now were:
1/  Facebook
2/  Lutherans.com
3/  Muffled Vociferation
4/  WordPress.com reader
5/  Reddit
6/  Twitter
7/  Ichabod
8/  Lutherquest.org
9/  Reformed Churchmen
10/ Not Another Episcopal Church Blog
GJ - I am happy for the day I ran into the ChurchMouse blog. I am not supposed to copy entire posts from him, but I decided to violate the rules for once. Our little blog is high on his list. I created the graphic below for him.