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Monday, March 16, 2015

Church of the Thrivent Hos

Matt Harrison, Mark Schroeder, and Pope John the Malefactor agree -
"Stop writing about the LCMS, WELS, and ELS!"

Some are terribly offended that I write polemics about Lutherdom's prospective demise.

Luther was a polemical writer. So were Augustine and Paul. Have you read Galatians lately? Paul said the Circumcision Party should castrate themselves if they were so interested in cutting.

I see people wigging out about the WELS Documented Blog and the WELS Discussions Facebook page.

They do not like even a hint of conversation about the issues. Of course, they are the synod minders - or really synod worshipers - whose duty it is to protect Holy Mother WELS.

They Started the Polemics!

Listen up, innocents. The polemics began decades ago, with attacks against -

  • Lutheran doctrine, worship, creeds, and hymns - they are keeping us from growing!
  • The name Lutheran - keeping us from growing.
  • The name church - keeping us from reaching out to the stoners, hedonists, and souses.
  • The King James Version of the Bible - no good. We need one denying the Sacraments.
  • Traditional Lutherans - mocked, insulted, thrown under the bus.
  • Church discipline, which would have eliminated the drunks, adulterers, file swappers, and the murderers if it had been practiced.
  • Justification by faith. The Synodical Con-Men specialize in this.
  • The efficacy of the Word. The seminarians are so brain-washed by the Valleskey-Werning robots that they cannot even discuss this foundational Biblical concept.
God's creations are increasingly beautiful when magnified.
Man's inventions do not look so good close up.

Ever since the Walther-Pieper crowd created their new Booklet of Concord, the Brief Statement of 1932, the Synodical Conference has been in self-destruct mode.

That means 85 years of decline from the BS of 1932 to the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, plenty of time to divide and conquer.

The Walther Mob created the template for the Jeske Mob to take over decades later - same tactics, same insecurities, same power plays. They all claim intellectual superiority. Jeske, like Walther, markets himself as an expert on everything while copying the New Age aphorisms of Joel Osteen and Oprah.

These false teachers have been on the warpath since ordination. They have teamed up and worked across synodical lines. Their common school is a seminary - Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. Their common authority figure is their Father Below, the ultimate Changer.

Classmates from Mequon are velcroed together,
especially when they share the same false doctrine.
Behold - the polemicists, the Church and Changers.