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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Convict Horst Gutsche (ELCiC Pastor) Working with CLC Pastor David Koenig - German Conference - Europeans Very Upset

"Do not be alone with minors while on probation."
"Required to disclose conviction..."
CLC Pastor David Koenig, on the extreme left, is a great friend of Church Growth
and simply loathes Lutheran doctrine.

Is Gutsche also a former WELS pastor? See below." - LutherQuest

A study of the book of Revelation by Pastor David Koenig.

Koenig worked with Gutsche on this conference

A WELS pastor too?
Gutsche's LinkedIn profile links to
St. John WELS, Libertyville, Illinois
School and Preschool  
St. John connects children and families with Christ through our growing preschool and school.  We offer 3 year old Preschool through 8th Grade... 

"St. John Lutheran School exists to nurture children in faith and intellect, equipping them for Christian lives of service."

Horst Gutsche phoned me to claim the dismissal
of his court case made him innocent!
Why was he forbidden to be alone with minors?
The dismissal clearly states otherwise - it simply means
the court is done with the parole or any other stipulations
from his arrest and conviction.
He was an ELCA pastor in San Francisco at the time - and ELCA dumped him.
The Canadian version of ELCA hired him as a pastor.