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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disrupt the Demonic Leaders. Stop Following Their Rules,
Which They Use To Stay in Power

Never be intimidated. They are afraid of the truth
and its power.
The first and only rule of the WELS Fight Club is this - THEY make the rules, and the only way to fight is to follow their rules. Their rules include this - Any infraction of the WELS Fight Club Rules mean YOU are guilty of the most heinous sins and will be persecuted for those sins - that is the only topic for all future discussions.

As anyone can see from the earlier post on Jay Webber's hero - the Pietist UOJist Rambach and the Pietist Quistorp - the Intrepid Lutherans always tried to follow the rules of the WELS Fight Club. Beyond encouraging them to debate in a public blog, I had nothing to do with the workings of their group.

Even thought hey did their best to avoid being tainted by me, Disappearing Doug Engelbrecht accused me in a letter instead of addressing the trouble he caused by supporting Ski and Glende.

And again, when they were discussing justification by faith on their blog - anxious to avoid mentioning me - they had to admit I was correct about UOJ being the offspring of rationalistic Pietism. Hall University is where many of the founders of American Lutheranism studied - including the ULCA branch (Muhlenberg), the Synodical Conference (Bishop Martin Stephan, STD), and WELS (Adolph Hoenecke).

How much good came from playing by WELS rules? The District Popes rewarded them by sending out death squads to eliminate all signers from the Intrepid Lutherans list. Pastor Paul Rydecki continued as the main contributor for posts and IL gradually went into suspension. Yet the Jeske Mob continues to expand like that magical insulating foam, the stuff that enters into every nook and cranny and turns into a plastic concrete.

Their Father Below tells WELS leaders:
"Well done, thou good and faithful serpents!"

The Answer -
Do not play by their rules, which are designed to keep them in power - truth on the scaffold, error forever on the throne.

Public false doctrine can be addressed in public at any time by anyone. Open the Book of Concord to the Large Catechism, by Luther, the Ten Commandments - Eighth Commandment. That awful sound is the cracking of a book's spine that has never been opened.

Disrupt the demonic leaders by asking them pertinent questions. They would rather crawl under the rug and fold it over them.

Challenge them about their false doctrine.

  1. Ask them about their hellacious entertainment worship practices. Why does David Rutschow promote Church Growth circuses everywhere but his own congregation, which only has traditional services?
  2. Why are pastors being forced out or forced to surrender to Contemptuous Worship when a DP never indulges in those pseudo-Pentecostal disgraces?
  3. Say to Rutschow - "Hey Dave. Who arranged the theft of St. John's in Milwaukee, the property and the endowment? Since when can two laymen lock up the parsonage and keep the pastor's personal belongings? OK, Walther did that, but still - is that honest, Scriptural, or even legal?"
  4. Ask Seifert - "Hey John. How many death squads have your organized against the Jeske Mob? You pretended to be against Church Growth and unionism? Do you have any proof of that now?"
  5. Tell Mark Schroeder - "I am not giving a dime to WELS until you get your trotters out of the ELCA/Thrivent trough. You let them set the agenda and push you around like the Jeske Mob. Oh, Thrivent is a branch of the Jeske Mob. I forgot."
  6. Ask any one of them to explain the Means of Grace and the efficacy of the Word. 
  7. Mention that their favorite terms - Objective Justification and Subjective Justification come from a Calvinist translator of lectures from a Halle University Pietist. Watch their heads explode.
Reactions vary. The first one is oozing flattery. "I am so glad you are interested in our beloved synod. I wish all our members had the same energy."

Some of them break out into flop sweat. Others shake with rage. Name-calling is not unheard of.

"Do you read that Jackson blog? Ichabod?" Answer - "I do, just like you. I see the light on the lower left for your town, and it is always glowing red."

Shunning and abuse follow. But before that, good friends and relatives make contacts and warn, threaten, plead, and offer free stays at a local mental institution.

As one victim wrote to me, "WELS is really incompetent at so many things, but they have mastered the art of controlling people."

But they cannot control the Word of God. One little, feeble person, a nobody from nowhere can make them shiver and quiver in their Gucci loafers.

When Glende and Ski sued the husband of the staffer they abused, Glende explained to the judge, "There is a blog in Arkansas..." The judge was incredulous. What does a blog in Arkansas have to do with staff in Appleton, Wisconsin? Glende and Ski lost their lawsuit against the former staffer's husband. And yet WELS makes Glende an example for teachers.

An ELS member wrote me, "The ELS is terrified of your blog." It is a good thing I hold back so much.

A WELS synodical VP denounced me in public, even though I was not there and no longer WELS (thank God). Soon after, his cowardly, lascivious heiny was kicked out of the ministry for trying to seduce a woman who came to him for counseling. How many women did he counsel before he was caught? And he lied to everyone about how he transitioned from bigshot to store clerk, telling his family that I was a liar!

Paul McCain gladly offered his toxic help to Glende, Ski, and Lillo in their hopelessly bad copycat blog. Soon McCain felt compelled to erase his entire blog, just as Fox Valley WELS erased theirs.

"Heaven and earth will pass away,
but My Word will last forever."