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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nathan Fager Updates - WELS

O blessed home where man and wife
Together lead a godly life,
By deeds their faith confessing!
There many a happy day is spent,
There Jesus gladly will consent
To tarry with His blessing.

Thank you Jonathan Kruschel Brett Ehlke and Nathan Fager for a awesome job on preparing St. Paul's Lutheran confirmands 2015. I feel very blessed๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

Pictures going up on walls = making a house a home

Nathan Fager - WELS Discussions
April 5 at 7:46pm To commune or not to commune... that is the question. Here is the scenario: a man comes up for Holy Communion after the presiding minister makes a lengthy (longer than normal since it's Easter and there are more than average amount of guests) explanation of close communion even pointing to the note in the worship folder (which we ran out of, praise the Lord!). If the minister communes him, the few who know him as a fall away WELSer will raise question about our close communion practice. If the minister says "I'd like to commune you but not at this time," and passes him by, he is brought to tears in front of the whole assembly and leaves the service hurt and embittered now loaded with even more ammunition against a "judgmental" church. What would you do? And what would you do for follow up to explain what happened and why?
sitting in my new home office (study) logging on for the first time... 48 hours in to the new location and mostly unpacked... Note: I said unpacked not organized wink emoticon

Nathan Fager had the whole team there for what will be the last time for me... one more week of practice before moving... I'm gonna miss this.

Two years... that's right, two years I have had the high honor and privilege of serving God's people in Stevensville and St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School (Stevensville, MI)... thank you for all your support of my family and me... I look forward to many more years.

Tomorrow Jennifer and I are taking time from our busy lives for each other... thanks to my mom for watching the kiddos... I look forward to coming back stronger and equipped to helping others face distractions in their marriages... it's not an easy task and in April we can work at it together!

in their congregations. Pray for two things: that God's Word be clearly taught and the Spirit move the hearts of his people to believe it, obey it, and give glory to God and joy to each other in their marriages.

Marriage retreat in TN was well worth the effort. I can't wait to share what I've learned in April here in Stevensville. Save the date: April 11 and 18!!!
 — with Jennifer Fager.

during our marriage enrichment retreat I had the privilege of complimenting my wife more than a few times to fill up her love tank... I'll share this one with you... Jennifer Fager, you make looking good look good!

From a couple weeks ago, but still helpful if life has lost its luster.

February 15, 2015 Sermon by Pastor Nathan Fager

a great resource any time you need it

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Stevensville, MI Sermons

-----------------  N O   D E C I S I O N S   R E P O R T E D  ----------------

 Fager, Rev Nathan E        St Paul - Monroe MI                  02/12/2015
          Dual Parish with New Hope Toledo

------------------------  C A L L S   A C C E P T E D  -----------------------

 Fager, Rev Nathan E        St Paul - Monroe MI                  03/01/2015
          Dual Parish with New Hope Toledo

John Seifert, Michigan District President, WELS



Risen Savior Lutheran Church, McFarland WI
 –  (6 years 6 months)

-----------------  N O   D E C I S I O N S   R E P O R T E D  ----------------

  Fager, Rev Nathan E        St Paul - Stevensville MI            10/28/2012
          Associate Pastor Call

------------------------  C A L L S   A C C E P T E D  -----------------------

  Fager, Rev Nathan E        St Paul - Stevensville MI            11/29/2012
          Associate Pastor Call