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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Moral Equivalence Fallacy - A Good Way To Duck Issues.
Beware of the Moderates Who Use It

Two founders of Church and Change, WELS,
one president of the Asian mini-seminary following the other.

Long ago, WELS played games with Church and Change, Church Growth, and various heresies beloved by them.

This may sound familiar. If someone cited where Church Growth in WELS  was going or even where it already was, the apostate leaders would say, "Oh, they took it too far," as if they disapproved.

If someone had a valid objection to Church Growth, and someone mentioned that, both would be condemned (guilt by association) - "He goes too far."

Both sides of Church Growth went too far, so there was balance, excuses, moral equivalence. That worked so well, Lawrenz and Witte and Kelm say, "Let's do it again. Let's get them to say - Both sides talk past one another. Everyone will nod and agree about the moral equivalency, a serious threat to Holy Mother WELS."

WELS bought its troubles at a high price years ago, rewarding all the DPs, profs, and other parasites for going along with the plan.

When Spencer objected to Church and Change, SP Gurgle said, "They are no more. Finished. Gone. Kaput."

I said, incredulously, "Oh really? Then why is the website linking the registration of the next Church and Change conference and providing the materials?"

They had a "jump" menu then, so all one had to do is know the right jump word and there it was.

Shock and disbelief followed. "But Gurgle told me..."

I kept my copy and paste work going, to show everyone that they could register for the Church and Church Conference (that no longer existed) on the WELS websty. Eventually, that was taken down, but the new guy, Mark Schroeder, advanced the Changer agenda full-speed, with nary a pause or even a moment of self-reflection.

So now the moderates on the WELS Discussions Facebook page wince and look delicate and say, "Both sides are guilty of extremes." Really? 

There is an extreme truth that annoys and vexes the compromisers? Your fathers before you did the same for Church and Change, Church Growth, and clown acts in the name of evangelism services. Anyone who objected was pushed out, ridiculed, called names, and shunned (lucky for them).

Now the WELS Discussion moderates listen patiently to ELS Pastor, Jay Webber, who encouraged Buchholz to get rid of Pastor Paul Rydecki and kick his congregation out of WELS. 

WELS Discussions on Facebook, gladly entertaining false doctrine.

Where is the dismay, the shock, the disbelief - that someone could be so callous and unethical in the treatment of another pastor?

Instead, their delicate nerves are shattered by graphics they can ignore and by polemics they cannot grasp.

Moderates everywhere, you were afraid to stand up for anything before, and now they are attacking the Gospel itself. Do you believe in the Word enough to teach the truth? I truly doubt it. Too many of you want to enjoy the esteem and friendship of false teachers, who gently guide you into derogation of your duties as members of the Christian Church.

Book of Concord - Large Catechism, Introduction, Ten Commandments
11] Now, for this reason alone you ought gladly to read, speak, think and treat of these things, if you had no other profit and fruit from them than that by doing so you can drive away the devil and evil thoughts. For he cannot hear or endure God's Word; and God's Word is not like some other silly prattle, as that about Dietrich of Berne, etc., but as St. Paul says, Rom. 1:16, the power of God. Yea, indeed, the power of God which gives the devil burning pain, and strengthens, comforts, and helps us beyond measure.

12] And what need is there of many words? If I were to recount all the profit and fruit which God's Word produces, whence would I get enough paper and time? The devil is called the master of a thousand arts. But what shall we call God's Word, which drives away and brings to naught this master of a thousand arts with all his arts and power? It must indeed be the master of more than a hundred thousand arts. 13] And shall we frivolously despise such power, profit, strength, and fruit-we, especially, who claim to be pastors and preachers? If so, we should not only have nothing given us to eat, but be driven out, being baited with dogs, and pelted with dung, because we not only need all this every day as we need our daily bread, but must also daily use it against the daily and unabated attacks and lurking of the devil, the master of a thousand arts.