Today’s post looks at what Dr Gregory Jackson, a retired Lutheran pastor, current university lecturer, loving husband and doting grandfather has done to make his garden a haven for fauna.
Before I continue, in Anglican parlance, ‘retired’ means the ordained continues preaching or performing other sacerdotal duties without being in charge of a church or as an associate pastoral leader. Anglican locums are often retired priests without parishes who can still preach sermons, give the Sacraments and preside over services. I am fully aware that Dr Jackson has conducted Sunday and feast day online services for several years. Some have been quoted here. I apologise to him for not being able to explain it in Lutheran terms. Mea maxima culpaI mean no offence whatsoever.
Now to today’s post. Dr Jackson writes Ichabod, which offers not only an exposé of errant Lutheran teaching but also provides insight into organic gardening, the way God intended it to be.
Recently, he explained how he transformed his garden into a Creature Convention Center (CCC) which includes the
Jackson EZ Bird Swing, just to the left of the feeder, a little above eye level.
and the
Jackson Bird Spa – the mulched area just beyond the CCC, between the trees. Ten bird baths.
What struck me most was what he had to say about birds (emphases mine):
Luther saw birds as God’s professors, because they wake up every morning singing cheerfully, not even knowing where the next meal is coming from. Having nothing to eat, they praise God first.
Shouldn’t we be doing the same?
Very few of them store food. Blue jays store acorns, but they actually create oak forests by “hiding” the acorns that are most promising for germination – better than smart scientists can.
How true!
Before I share two of his outstanding graphics with you below, this is why Dr Jackson transformed his garden:
Of course, I did all this for the grandchildren. That is one great advantage of being a grandparent. I can have fun in my second childhood because I get to see the world again through the eyes of a child.
Enjoy reading his post in full! And kudos to Norma Boeckler for the superb illustration.