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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pumpkins Planted - Another Inch of Rain.
Corn Disappeared Faster Than Hillary's Email

Yesterday was especially enjoyable. Morning is a better time to start gardening here. The backyard is in the shade and the air is cool.

I managed to lose most of my pumpkin seeds, but I had a half-package left, more than enough to start. The Three Sisters Garden, lacking any corn, became the Pumpkin Patch by default. The corn did not show up in two weeks, either because of cold soil, squirrels, crows, or all four together. Pumpkins are always fun to grow and give away. I should have some gourds, too.

I planted some pumpkins in the compost, which now has regular watering from the soaker hoses, coming from both directions.

I pour rainwater on each new plant or seed, giving it a boost of water, settling the soil, and giving the soil a supply of useful nitrogen. The effect of nitrogen fertilizer in water would be to burn or kill the plant, seed, and microbes.

I told Mrs. I about all the roses leafing out and blooming now. "I visited the laggard roses each day and pruned the canes a bit and poured rainwater on them."

"You make pastoral visits? No wonder all the roses are growing."

"Yes, it only takes a little extra care."

Sweet potato  vine starts were selling at the Walmart - almost for free - so I planted a bunch of them, in the brightest sun for most of them. They love sun and warmth - like tomatoes, corn, and sunflowers. Sweet potatoes are a Morning Glory relative, so they vine along the ground or perhaps up a fence - waiting to see that. I am new to this plant - except for eating the results.

I visited all the new vines with rainwater. One trumpet vine has started to grow. The Passion Flower vine (maypop) is struggling against insects.

I looked at the chewed leaves and said to myself, "Get out the heavy artillery." I cracked flower pots for nearby toad houses and also put a couple of whole pots, upside-down, near the plants. A pot with the hole on top will attract insects, which means a spider will move inside for the shelter and food.

The Creating Word planned all this, so we can enjoy the benefits of the Creator's wisdom, without paying for man's marketing.

A toad will eat 10,000 bugs in one summer. For that reason I also have flat pans around for their hydration. Birds will sip from them and toads sit in them - not at the same time, of course. The clay pans are under the soaker hose, easily filled and cleaned.

Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love Honeysuckle Vines.

The prize is Honeysuckle Vine, already climbing the dead tree and flowering. I am looking forward to its "rampant growth."

Cow Vetch is also climbing and flowering on the back fence. My neighbor seems to want a screen too, so he has planted a tree in just the right spot. In time his dogs may stop barking, "There he is! Come to kill us all!" Chihuahuas.

Our helper mowed the backyard before the latest rainstorm. We could use another mowing, but days of rain are ahead. He was happy to learn that the back section will be designated The Wild Area. I marked it off with logs. Grass and weeds will grow longer there, and use bushes/vines/sunflowers for a screen friendly to birds, bees, buttreflies, and hummingbirds.