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Friday, June 5, 2015

Mark Jeske Is the LCMS-WELS-ELS Board Member of Thrivent.
All Three Sects Are Happy Working with ELCA, Sharing Funding with ELCA.
Duggar Hypocrisy Award Winners

Robert Lara, pictured above, was a liturgical dancer at the Metro New York Synod meeting of ELCA.

The "conservative" Lutheran clergy and laity are commenting - no one would guess they happily work with ELCA at many levels, with Thrivent serving as the unifying agency, Mark Jeske as their overpaid representative on the Thrivent Board of Directors.

Jeske's Thrivent bio does not mention his synod
or his Church and Change leadership.
He has obtained Thrivent funding
for joint WELS-LCMS-ELCA clergy events.
Liturgical cross-dressing in WELS,
with children applying the make-up.
Mrs. Adam Mueller's Church and Change congregation in Tucson.

Athletic cross-dressing in WELS,
Michigan Lutheran Seminary.
College gay video plagiarism -
no problem for WELS.
They all received calls. 
Joel Hochmuth joined WELS SP Mark Schroeder in
denouncing ELCA for its gay activism -
just before Hochmuth went to the slammer for gay child porn swapping.
Herman Otten was quick to denounce me on page 1
for publishing the truth about WELS.